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Mc Eiht - Run 4 Your Life

In the muthafuckin' house
Niggas On The Run in the house
Little Hawk & Bird in the house
I say Da Foe in the house
New Style in the house

Muthafuckas wanna run at the lip
Ego trip, I'ma grab the clip
Uh, hit the stick from the chronic sack
Suicidal (geah), homicidal
Kinda vital (right)
Maniac with the Mac is back, no drama
For your momma more trauma (geah)
It's more shootin', it's more buckin'
It's more slicin', it's more dicin', it's more - fuckin' (right)
Insane in the membrane
Makes me leave dead bodies in the tub cause I got no love
For my momma (stick) or my daddy (shit)
Now I'm solo
Oh no, out the roof of the Caddy
Never will I be beated is the attitude (right)
Because I'm always heated
And just like Waco I'ma put 'em on their back (right)
When I'm schemin' muthafuckas just try to attack
And in fact to the wack I'ma show no slack
Got a muthafucka sweatin' like I hit some crack
Never stable, loose cable
Live wire, for hire, under fire (geah)
Get your shit slit with a knife
Hard nigg's better run for their fuckin' life

Run... niggas... c'mon...

Eyes roll back when I hit the spliff (shit)
Throwin' dead bodies off the side of a clip, uh
Get my kicks outta killin' with a dirty gat (right)
Execution style, can you picture that? (geah)
Get on your knees (drop), nigga please (right)
You fucked
Get your hands up (c'mon)
It won't hurt like I told ya
2 to your dome muthafucka now it's over, uh
Niggas keep on duckin'
Fuck the devil it's myself that keep see buckin'
Not that white devil Bruce Springsteen
I'm the boss so the cost is you gon' get tossed (geah)
Never can I be faded, can't whip it
Double stick it cause I'm wicked
Ain't no future in your frontin'
Put you on front street and punk I'll keep dumpin' (dump dump dump)
And I ain't done yet (geah), you got about 8 secs
'Fore I grab the muthafuckin' Tec
Get your dome checked as I start to dump like Phife
Muthafuckas better run for your fuckin' life

Run... c'mon... geah...
Run niggas (Compton)
Run niggas (West Side)
Run (stick 'em)

Looks like a full moon (that's right)
After I loot ya I'm a shoot ya then boot ya
In the corner and you screamin'
And I'm bettin' you sweatin'
Cause your ass keep dreamin', nigga you done pissed me off
Just can't stand it, goddamnit, too soft
Wicked as I kick it like soccer (geah)
Better be watchin' ??? cause I'ma cluck ya
Endonesia, the gangsta pleaser
One time - for your mind
Wreckin' your braids
Causin' you pain got you in check
When I got my hands around your neck
Squeezin' (geah) tighter than you can imagine
Coughin' up blood as your ass keep gaggin' (c'mon)
Boo-yah! How you like me now like a cricket
Then you give me click it when I'ma stick it
Meanin' you seeled your fate (c'mon)
Meanin' you can't escape
Meanin' you best think twice (right)
Meanin' you run for your life

Run... nigga... c'mon...

And we runnin' that shit you know I'm sayin'?
Niggas On The Run
Lil' Hawk & Bird
The New Style, you know I'm sayin'?
For the ninety fizzy...
Oh... Da Foe in the house

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