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Mc Eiht - Take 2 With Me

Damn. 5-0 at my motherfuckin front door
Tryin to get us , ya know I'm sayin
But Eihthype ain't sleepin
Gyeah , my niggas on the run know what's up
Lil' Hawk and Burn got the back , ya know I'm sayin
1/2 Oz. runnin this shit, so we keep runnin
Niggas on the run , ya know I'm sayin

Somebody snitchin ain't that a bitch
Motherfuckin 5-0 at my front door
Uhh , talkin about they got a gang of witnesses
Wanna commit and search my premises
Sellin dat candy is just the way to survive
And dealin them straps they won't take me alive
So now I gots ta play it like I say it
See the fuckin glare of the batch and I spray it
Uhh , they kickin my front door with them steel-toe boots
My face [?] so I starts to shoot
I hit 1 to the 2 starts to shout
Grab the motherfuckin yea kick the backdoor fool , I'm out
All for your dollars and some sense
Hear the fuckin sirens and I hit the back , bitch
Uhh , I start to scatter like a mouse
Snatch the fuckin yea and I'm out to my nigga Boom Bam's house

I guess you can chalk up zero for the blue team
Look up in the sky and see the fuckin high beam
Tab on Boom Bam's window with the fuckin strap
Wake up my nigga One-Time's tryin to peel my cap
Special report just hit the fuckin airways
Be on the look-out for the nigga hair full of braids
They say i'm nuttin but a cheater
Trippin and I'm quick fast strapped with a Nine Millameter
Gotta make it to my motherfuckin nigga Chills
One-Times on they way and they wanna kill
They lookin silly cause they got clowned
Heard the whisper chief williams 2 officers down
Uhh , here comes the motherfuckin tear gas
Bam dropped the mask and hit the side door kinda fast
One 5-0 that I killed
Jumped on the motherfuckin metro to my nigga Chills

Ain't no takin me to jail no bail no wonder
Kill 'em all cause the motherfuckin hood took me under
Uhh , One-Times won't give me no Juice
Heard the barkin , yes they let the dogs loose
Uhh , runnin like a motherfuckin strap with the mack
But i ain't that lucky
Caught one in the leg and in the damned back
Now bleedin like a stuck pig
But I keep bellin "fuck you bitches" is what I'm yellin
I make it to Chills and tell him he'd pack quick
Give me some ammo cause One-Time's is on my dick
Mellin cum cause Eiht ain't had enough
Bring them body bags , fool fuck they handcuffs
Ya'll goin down I thought I told ya
Caught one thru the shoulder of my coat
So I bust 'em in the fuckin coap
The bullets flyin they tryna hit me , they might get me
But fuck 'em Imma take 2 with me
Ain't no love bitch
Mc Eiht , Dj Slip , 1/2 Oz. niggas on the run
Lil' Hawk'n Burn we killin 'em off
And we outta here

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