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Mc Eiht - We Get It

Geah, geah
We love the West Side
C'mon (ya know)
We get it (we get that boogie - ya know)
And ya know
We get it (we like to boogie)
Check it out

Easily I approach
The gangsta party with my strap and smoke
Tell your hoodratz to stop trynna trick
I got no time to give 'em my dick
I'm gon' grab it (geah)
And dip to the Cal
And if you love rapping the West scream loud (West Side!)
Unload the barrels and start to chuckle
Take it from the knuckles who watch me sparkle
Mathematics that I make
When I ride on paper
Told tales 'bout capers when we jump on taper
In the days of old I was a nut
Guarantee to leave three ammo in your gut (boom boom)
Heard the gun blast so you run to your crew
Laying on the ground and you scream for you boo
But this is the West bitch (west!)
A real G never switch
Never stoppin' to grind till we filthy rich, geah (c'mon, geah)

We get the money
Geah, and ya know
We do it our best, geah
We like to boogie
Ya know (geah)
We get down, geah
And we playing the west side
Geah, and you know (you know)
(West Side)
We get that money
We got it

Nobody move nobody get hurt
What you need, we got that work
Keep it under your shirt
Stay close to the decoy bitch ??? on skirt
Have my thing on a plane tryin' to being back change
Cop the next thing smokin' if you see look strange
Tryin' to cop fancy cars designer names
Gotta keep your heat and cop this valet games
Holla at your nigga trying to make a dollar
In a club more to swallow
Poppin' your collar
Is it the
Mercedes key or the Chevy Impala
Tight grip on my dick like a ??
When I bust
You turn at 9 I'm gon' burn
Taking over ya block got cash to earn
Y'all learn ya lesson, my Smith & Wesson
Anyone on your block I do depressing, geah

We get it
We get the money
Geah, and ya know
We get it, geah
We like to boogie, geah
Ya know
We get it, geah
We playing the west side
Geah, and you know (you know)
(West Side)
We get it
We get it
We got it

Ride high
Music to drive-by
Thugs stay true to the hood so ??
Compton's still on the map
Now that's fly
Y'all keep reppin' the blocks when I'll die
Some is Section 8, still talkin' that way
Clientele never wait for a release day
Gotta outta town ?? tryin' to check my rate
It's so hard from state to state
Throw up the ?? ooh, wait a minute!
A car full of thug niggas geah I'm in it (geah)
In a Lex but the seats back any to ??
Hoes green and cash raid to spin it
Who the G's with the Glocks?
Nigga it's us
Bust and tussle
Nigga it's us
Got the mussel
Nigga it's us
Still scream hustle and we dangerous, c'mon

We get it
We get that money, geah
And you know, geah
We get it
And we like to boogie, geah
And you know
We get it
And we playin' the West Side, geah
And you know, c'mon, geah
We get it
We get it
We got it
Gone, geah..

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