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Mc Funky J - Lyrical Warfare (KRS-One Diss)

Waz up Kris-Shna?
Now you didn't think I was going to let you get away get
Away with that shit did you?, haaaaa, you stupid motherfucker

We are now engaged in lyrical warfare, All within your
Proximity best beware, Cause they might end up catching
Some rappin shrapnel


[Verse 1:]
This ain't no what happened to you?, Oh man I miss you,
MF Grimm type of shit, Just lettin the world know
You were always a bitch, At least Doom has a mask,
Your just a two faced hiphopycrite, Talkin like your
A scholar when ya spit, Good story Larry now tell me
How bout this, Duckin the I... R... S, owe em' bout
Half-a-mil, No wonder you be smokin stress, that's real,
Dirt weed blazin', chubby chasin, stayin at the days
Inn motherfucker, Your whole career was built upon lies,
Wouldn't be surprised if ya do have Al Queda ties, Mr. Brown
Taliban, claim he African but never been to the homeland,
Sometime he act Jamaican man, Stay fakin like A'Kon,
Yo I'm gone, like ya pops, It must of really fucked up ya
Moms, A few more babies from a couple different daddies,
Her name is Jackie but I call her Glad Diss, Waz up Kris-Shna?

Krishna, Krishna, Ka-Ka-Krishna One... (One)

What happened to the peace love, unity and {"Beating White Boys,
I Love Beating White Boys! ": KRS-One}

[Verse 2:]
Yo Krisoney ain't got the Cahonies, he used to be my homie until
He phoned me, talkin some crazy ass shit, True colors were
Revealed, The boy lies and steals, plus his heart is filled with
Hate, In other words he's fake, Just like some silicone titties,
Who really be out rhymin for the inner city?
When we was in Orlando and you were up on the podium frontin,
I was out walkin the hood smokin blunts kid, This cat tried to
Warn me, He seen it right then and there, I just thought he
Was drunk and belligerent, talkin shit, but lookin back the guy
Made some sense, If ya were really for the people you would be out
Here with them, Not inside just talkin. On the path of
Righteousness I'm still walkin, You got stuck along time ago on
Yourself, I think this dude who call himself the Teacha needs
Some help, Man, Who you foolin? It ain't me you schoolin, Just all ya'll so
Called students, You say Join the movement, but the movement ain't
Movin', Other then physical locations cause you couldn't pay the rent,
Let's get really real with it, Made a bunch of promises you never
Meant to keep, Funkin with Funky, you might as well find the tallest
Building you can and leap, Swan dive yourself into the pavement, You
Fuckin racist piece of shit, For all ya'll out there who don't wanna
Be took, Ya want the full story then go buy the book, It's a
Collective summary of the year I spent rollin with this crook, I
Understand that some of my hiphoppas don't like to read, Thank God
That I rock beats, I can only do so much over tracks, More serious
Then steady b when I'm stating the facts but still shoot a bitch cop
In the face like Cool C if it came to the haps,

Krishna, Krishna, Ka-Ka-Krishna One... (One)

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