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Mc Lars Horris - Francis Bacon Slashed The Canvas

feat. John Reuben

[Intro: x2]
Slash, slash

[MC Lars:]
I was in Amsterdam with my ex-girlfriend
She was passed out, it was amde late
I was mad lost, she was naked
I was starin at her tattoos and I couldn't take it (because)
Somethin dark had taken it's toll
I'd been rollin with the Devil, I'd been sellin my soul
Like a rock cliche, I felt so alone
I cried myself to sleep and dreamt I was home
Not about, to go get tangled
On a bitty, I've finagled
Many hearts, and ladies it's been clear
Since hip-hop brought my here
I felt, like Francis Bacon
Hope that, I'm not mistaken
Mouth open with the eyes scratched out
That's how I felt when she told me God was dead

[Chorus: x4]
God's not dead he's been hiding

[MC Lars:]
At the Amsterdam airport, we said goodbye
All this I'd been seeing we'd been living a lie
And I never felt freer than I had in my life
When I left her that day we flew home on different flights
I stopped in Spain for a week
I found myself in Gaudi's architecture, Barcelona was a treat
Francis Bacon, at El Museo del Prado
Up in Madrid feel like I won the lotto
The post-war painter spoke to me
With a pain in his brush strokes vocally
And the cris of fait that he showed to me
Not a joke to me, well hopefully - because
I'd been living with a Buddhist nihilist
Suicide girl artist love tatted on her lip
And on her hips; I had everything hip-hop had brought me
I thought back to the day in February when she lost me
(I SAID GOD LOVES YOU!) She shook her head
That's when it all became clear

Slash, slash - I'm a get that canvas
Slash, slash - better understand this
Slash, slash - like Francis Bacon
Slash, slash - this is all I'm sayin
Slash, slash - take your dark-ass world
Slash, slash - move back home girl
Slash, slash - cause I don't have time
To watch you try to breed your demons with mine


Slash, slash

[John Reuben:]
Hold up, I speak in the quiet
While you're sleeping underneath your eyelids
I'm alive in the silence
Where it seems I've been hiding but there's no denying
That it's painfully lonely
And you're waiting for a sign like "show me"
Though you may not know yet at first glance
You can see my thumbprint on your circumstance
And I'll give you everything you need
Grace and mercy and the air you breathe
The clarity to see, the ears to hear
But there's so much noise that seems to interfere
Without pain you'd never know love
There's not a trial you can't overcome
And when you feel exhausted, ready to give up
Remember that I'm here like I always was

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