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Mc Lars Horris - Hey That's Me

It's off the hook home slice, like a lucky fish.
All I wish is that you taste this like a Swedish dish.
It's the L-A-R-S, H-O double-R I-S...
and I represent CV, and yes I must confess:
Im back 2003 and the snare drum pumps.
Back up, Kris Kross, its my turn to jump.
See Im a Libra and Im balanced,
rocking it like Ritchie Valens,
and Im up to this fresh session,
yes Im up to this fresh challenge.
And Im thinking, and Im writing,
and Im rapping, and Ill fighting
all the layers of green apathy
clogging up the zone.
Because Ill analyze your world,
Ill analyze your head.
Ill readjust your paradigm with this microphone.
I was chilling in my 88 south on 101,
with the woofer in the back bumping P.E. number one.
Free-styling in a genre I didnt create,
props to Melle Mel, Chuck D, and all eight
hundred thousand MCs on whose shoulders I stand.
Im just a white kid with a plastic jammie in his hand!
See this MC here spends his life feeling fine,
but doesnt often get off in a straight line.
Fine, time will tell where hes headed.
Its up to chance, like Gretels path is breaded.
Your criticism? Im above it! Your BS? Lets rubber glove it!
Take your heroin and shove it life youve got to love it.
So get this, steal this, deal this, peel this away,
I made this song out of my brain neurons and clay.
It helped my brain chill for a week and a day,
until one day it stopped working like the city of Pompeii.
But its okay, hey, because I roll it home.
Knick knack paddy whack, my sonic range his grown.
Profound like Antoine De Saint Exuperey,
when I rock the chorus of this song I say

Lars Horris, hey thats me!
Part Swedish, part Australian, full fun boy G.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
I scored 1430 on my SATs.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
Ill rock the CoHo like 1-2-3.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
I drop English and math and biology.

I piss Catholics off with my comic in the Daily. Whys it called 27th Street? Man, dont front me.
Jorge Cham might do PhD, but can he ever try to rock the mike like me?
And Im weird like Al, dont attend Cal, D.J.s my buddy. Whos Mike?
Josh plays bass and I take wedding vows,
to my hip-hop rhymes that Im busting now.
And I satisfy women like GERs,
I advocate the destruction of SUV cars.
I think Israel and Palestine should get along.
I sampled Nine Inch Nails for this song.
And Im so post-modern, I dont even exist.
Did you hear that P. Diddy?
You just got dissed!
Its the twenty-first century, MCs please,
youre killing hip-hop when you sample the Bee Gees!
Most MCs today rap about five things:
narcotics, cars, girls, clothes, and the bling bling.
Delusions of grandeur in full swing,
fascist self focus and diamond rings.
But if Martin Luther King were alive today,
how would he weigh the decay displayed?
Homogenized identities, ourselves betrayed,
theres more to rap than just getting paid.
And theres more to life than MTV and Reeses Pieces,
and when I sit in silence, my love for life increases.
It feels great to pull the plug on the family TV,
and make my own niche in society.
And while I freak this beat, youre doing spoken word,
trying to get your naked voice heard.
If I didnt know ProTools, Id be like you
and I could just do spoken word if I wanted to.

Lars Horris, hey thats me!
You might see me on the street bumping Run-DMC.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
After my BA Ill get my PhD.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
Metaphysically fly like John Donnes The Flea.
Lars Horris, hey thats me!
Rewriting Bronte like Wide Sargasso Sea.

Mc Lars Horris
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