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Mc Lars Horris - It's A Latin Thing

[Carlos Bess: English translation]
To all my people worldwide! Listen up! Reggaeton is taking over the world! You can't stop the Latin invasion! All the hottest rappers are doing it! We've even got MC Lars here representing Latin culture hardcore! Lars what do you have to say?

It's a Latin thing,
It's a Latin thing,
It's a Latin thing

It's Daddy Lars on the track, but I can bust in Spanish too -
I get bilingual on the mic that's what Californians do
La musica de reggaeton has Puerto Rican soul-
Las palabaras de las canciones son Espanol
They speak Spanish out in Spain and in Chile too-
Habla Espanol en Mexico and down in Peru
In Cuba and Honduras and also Ecuador-
In Puerto Rico, Panama and El Salvador
They speak it in Salinas, and even in Manhattan-
But Spanish is a language derived from ancient Latin
And Latin is a term that refers to Ancient Rome
But there's also Latin culture like the salsa in your home
J-Lo is Latina, so thank you Puerto Rico
There's two Mark Anthony's, one spoke Latin, one's Latino
So let slip the dogs of war, because I really need to know
How a Latin rap jam about Rome would go

It's a Latin thing and you can't go wrong
Back in ancient Rome we partied all night long
It's a Latin thing here's what we used to do
Take over all of Europe with Caesar and his crew
It's a Latin thing we've got it going on
Rome's in ruins now but it used to be strong
It's a Latin thing we take it back to ancient Rome
And if Caesar were alive he'd bump that reggaeton

With so much drama in 55 B.C.
It's kind of hard to be a Roman dictator like me
But I, somehow some way,
Keep expanding and invading countries every single day
From the Atlantic and back to the Adriatic Sea
How could anyone alive not idolize me?
The name is Julius, and yes I had a ball
When I conquered France and Belgium,
Though it took a lot of Gaul
So thank me for the salad, thank me for the C section

[Carlos Bess:]
But Julius, you didn't invent the Caesar salad,
It was invented by Caesar Cardini in Mexico in 1924, Vato.

Guards, crucify this man, he doubts my perfection -
We mix church and state, we keep the masses stupider
You don't want a revolution, do you wan to anger Jupiter?
You say the peasants are revolting? Well hey I knew that
So, I'll throw another circus and the bread will keep them fat
That's what dictators do, keep the people entertained
So show up for the show and turn off your brain!


The party's finally hapilating, the orgies have begun
If you're feeling sick here's the vomitorium
And I'll be Frank with you, I don't mean to be invasive
Pompey's getting mad and boy is he abrasive
By the time I get to Rome, you know it will be on
Public Enemy crossing the Rubicon
And so I'll "Fight the Power" become chief dictator
Bringing down these haters like a killer Space Invader
Cassius attacked me on the Ides of March
I was capped like 50 cent, and best believe that smarts
Friends who stab you in the back really rather phony
"? Et tu Brute? I thought you were my homey"
But the empire will grow, so please don't shed a tear
That's it from me, Augustus take it from here
All empires die, read a history book
But for five hundred years Rome will be off the hook


Cosa, Latina
Cosa, Latina (Reggaeton!)
Cosa, Latina
Cosa, Latina (Reggaeton!)

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