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Mc Lars Horris - Mike Russo Cut Your Hair

Like my own style [laughter]
This story's entirely true
It's about a man who's been a saint
To the MC Lars team from the beginning
(You got a song Mike!)

[Chorus 1:]
He's the M to the I to the K to the E
To the R-U-S-S-O he's a G
It's the M to the I to the K to the E
To the R-U-S-S-O he's a straight up G

Mike Russo, cut your hair
We're telling you because we're your friends and we care
Your amp is always way too loud on stage
Our sound guy's getting mad, and he's not even paid
Got it made in that dark apartment upstate
No food up in your fridgeand you stay up much too late
Drinking mad Diet Cokes, watching Tool DVD's
Now every time I visit feels like 1993
Let's see, we've been friends since oh-six
And your kindness never quits, bunny tattoos on your wrists
And on your knuckles playing riffs, that you stole from Megadeth
You've been driving for a while, now we think it's time you rest so
Pull over for a minute please G!
You're overdoing things constantly, let's see
Take a breather, take a moment of Zen
We'll still be your friends, but until then please Mike Russo

[Chorus 2: x2]
It's time to, pull over
You've been driving for 24 hours

[Chorus 1 & Chorus 2 merged]

I know your mom had you real young
You never knew your father and you never felt loved
But you find it in your art, and friends you make through music
Booking college shows, you met me and you knew it
You'd be there to sit in our smelly van
You wouldn't sleep at Jon's house, but he understands
You're about as punk rock, as Avril Lavigne
You rock green cargo shorts when you're up on Ustream
You know there's no "U" in team, and no human being
Is as nice as you are Mike, we're not trying to be mean
I never have to worry cause I know you're always there
Lon Longley cleaned his house so Mike you've gotta cut your hair!

[Chorus 2]

[Chorus 1 & Chorus 2 merged]

Mike Russo cut your hair
We're telling you cause we're friends and we care

[MC Lars:]
Yo, take it Mike!
Mm I like that
Woo! Hoo hoo, shoot
And it goes a little somethin like this on the hook Mike

[Chorus 2]

[MC Lars:]
Yo Mike whaddya think of this song dude?
(Uhh, it's, it's, it's great?) [laughter]

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