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Mc Lars Horris - My Biochemical Romance

I met her in a mosque she was reading the Qur'an
Though she had her burqa on I knew she was the bomb
I introduced her to my mom then I took her to the prom
And when we got it on I crashed into her Pentagon
My Islamic girl is more than your average lady, see,
She's a radical extremist and she's just the type for me
And I'm all for Holy War, so I'm just her type of guy
Our love's like a threat level: Elevated to High
See my girl and I are tighter than Muslim church and state
We both make fun of Bush then I make her wash my plate
Watching "Loose Change" she says she doesn't get it
If It's really a conspiracy then where is all her credit?
My girl is ten times better than mad virgins up in heaven
My hear is the North Tower, her love is Flight 11
I'm her cuddly Great Satan, she's my little Jihad Lady
If she weren't so anti-excess wealth then I'd buy her a Mercedes

I didn't know that (terrorist, terrorist girl)
She's my terrorist, terrorist terrorist girl
Until she showed that (terrorist, terrorist girl)
Oh to think I never knew before she rocked my world!

I didn't know that (terrorist, terrorist girl)
She's my terrorist, terrorist terrorist girl
Until she showed that (terrorist, terrorist, terrorist girl)
But now she wants to bring down the modern Western world!

Her lips are cherry-red like the blood of infidels
Her eyes burn like the fires of Iraqi oil wells
Her voice is twice as sweet as the shrieks of Russian kids
Shot up in the gym, bloody vomit on their bibs
It's a WMD the way she looks at me
Though she's covered by a sheet and her eyes are all I see
We take the Tube in London, she always makes a mess
Next time we'll go by taxi, save Tony Blair some stress
She'll never go to college but she knows her chemistry
Making venomous nerve agents in the basement until three
If she won't stop testing anthrax in the water
I'm leaving her next week for Osama's brother's daughter
She says she won't give up until Allah's work is done
Though she claims I'm no Muhammad, I'm still her number one
I love it when my baby's all up in my area
Face down, booty up, screaming "DEATH TO AMERICA! "


Yeah you like that? You like that when I talk dirty, yeah?
McDonald's? Disneyland? What, you like that when I talk about America?
Mickey Mouse? Democracy? Baseball? Apple pie? The Statue of Liberty?
Superman? Jazz? Hip-hop? Thomas Jefferson? George Washington?
Yeah, you like that, you like that, you like that, here comes the chorus.
Yeah you like this too. Take it! Take it!


Probably the most un-PC song ever. Don't care. I'm over it.

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