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Mc Lars Horris - Reaping Beauty

feat. Beefy, Random, Tina Root & SMP

Which witch is the witch that you think you know?
Bayonetta's back and heads will roll
She's riding with Satan, M for mature
Turn you to a frog if you holler at her
'Cause amnesia sucks, that's all I'm saying,
So she heads home with her guns a blazing
The angels all duck, they're straight out of luck
'Cause Bayonetta's back and she doesn't give a care

Strike from the air, long lost in a lake
Lights out with a hair, play lame a mistake
Cause she's hot in the night, body type is a ten
While your jaws on the floor watch her hit you again
Really loving everything that she does
Got a torture attack, heels packing some guns
Combo, it's over, she's on with her quest
Never mess with Bayonetta cause she does it the best

[Tina Root:]
She was gone for far too long
Sleeping Beauty, what went wrong?
You can run, you can hide
But she will find you

No stress, no sweat, can't nobody do it better
Who else catch bodies in high heels and leather?
Weavin' and summonin', bleedin; and sufferin'
Killer, she make it look easy, you're strugglin'
Awoke from a deep sleep, murder on her mind
Hurt 'em with her mind like I hurt 'em with the rhymes
Aoww! Sharp blades sunk deep in your skin
Beauty on the outside but a beast is within

Ms. Pac Man, Zelda, Lara Croft
Compared to our girl they're much too soft
Princess Peach and Princess Daphne,
Jade, Clare Redfield, please don't ask me
Who's harder, yo I spit the facts
She's part Tina Fay and part Mona Sax
Mess with her and you'll be a goner
Hell's found a heroine and there is none stronger

[Tina Root:]
She was gone for far too long
Sleeping Beauty, what went wrong?
You can run, you can hide
But she will find you
Always ready for a fight
Killing spree, she takes delight
She's come back, out to play
A deadly thrill she strikes you down

Watch out now, killing spree
She can do most anything
But when she's down, to attack
All the angels watch your back
And now she's back, to attack
Murder ballet, watch your back

Yo, this ain't your granddad's hack and slash
Unlock the future, we ain't reenactin' the past
Cinematic, enemies let 'em have it
Swords and gunplay, no tricks or magic
Iron Maiden, sis ain't playin
Perkin, waitin' in the shadows, pacin'
Patience is virtuous, but she murderous
Leavin' adversaries turned to dust, what?

Look to the sky, not a plane or a bird
Just an all out attack from a powerful girl
Wrong side of a cross roads, regret the mistake
If you stay in this place next stop is your wake
Re-access, realize should have run should have fled
One shot takes ya down, bang bang then your dead
Don't play like a game, should have done what I told ya
Name Bayonetta. two words: Game Over

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