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Mc Lars Horris - Super Scope

Well I, I have no celebrity status yet, y'know
I haven't been on Entertainment Tonight
Then, then, then it would be, or People Magazine, maybe
But it hasn't happened yet, y'know

For hella days I've been stuck in this spot
They call it writer's block when the brain cells rot
Pen to the paper, but it won't come
It used to feel awesome, now it's no fun
Like a stagnant pond, I'm still right here
I was like "Oh dear, there goes my career"
But my crew's still here, and we're still winnin
Hash tag tigerblood, only the beginnin
This is where I tell the world I'm ready and I'm willin
If you listen to the rhythm of my voice you know I'm killin it
Like Tyler the Creator stayin hungry, insectivorous
A giant alligator eating mice I'm mad carniverous
The perfect glow is easy we be constantly creating
Waiting for an awesome moment but there is no hesitating
With these syllables of poetry that honestly devastating
Every day I'm going hard and every day I'm celebrating

Label drama? (I see you)
Cash flows problems? (I see you)
Lack of vision? (I see you)
Career drama? (I see you)
Bad management? (I see you)
Indecision? (I see you)

They play me like a joke, they try to kill my hope
They build me up to tear me down but I still stay float
I'm finding hella ways, to keep these clouds at bay
Keep these dark thoughts away {ALL UP IN MY SUPER SCOPE}
They poke and they provoke, I know my music's dope
They say how much I need them when we both know that I don't
I'm finding hella ways, to keep these clouds at bay
I'm learnin how to pray {ALL UP IN MY SUPER SCOPE}

Almost died in a wreck on the highway
Black ice, Minneapolis, trailer sideways
But Frontalot and I and the crew survived
So there must have been a reason I was still alive and now
I wanna rap about God though it might seem odd
When the rest of my songs don't really
But now I've got some realness to bring
I can't be like "Hold up, don't wanna look silly"
So much negativity before I found divinity
The love I see He gives to me now it's all positivity
Admittedly it's victory, this enemy inside of me
Is silent now, the demon sleeps, I see the light and now I'm free
And people see the novelty, but actually I be more deep
Cause every time I rhyme and speak on every track and every beat
I'm channeling this clarity, I feel alive apparently
And this is how I'll always be with G-O-D inside of me


I'm gettin diss songs wrong, by kids online at home
Guess that makes me a real rapper, look how this garden's grown
It's Horris Records baby, this train ain't slowin down
I'm buildin somethin special, up from the underground
I'm doin it for the kids, I'm doin it for the fans
They know what hip-hop is, it's not a marketing plan
They feel it when it's real, thank God I feel it too
If it weren't for hip-hop, what would I have?
What would I say, what would I do? Now

[Outro: x2]
All day every day I'm on this, ain't gonna quit 'til I make it tip
They're buildin me up just to tear me down but you know I ain't havin it
Got my Super Scope locked on positive and it finally feels real awesome
Hella ways to keep these demons at baby in the lab like Daniel Johnston

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