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Mc Lars Horris - The Bonus Track For Japan

feat. Ashley Jade

[Ashley Jade:]
Hey Japan! Here's the bonus track. It's track 15!
Oh no, ooooh, oh yeah.

I read this stuff on Wikipedia so don't take it as fact
I bring the knowledge of Japan you whack MC's lack
I pack so much flavor that I make your tongue snap
As I tear it up on this Japanese bonus track
Japan is located in Eastern Asia
A country more prosperous than Malaysia
They make Robotic Dogs and PSPs
Nintendo and messed up pornography
I bought the DVD of that Battle Royale movie
Where students cut each other up just like sushi
Kids killing kids on a lost island
I can't show my parents, they wouldn't understand
American consumers like Japanese cars
Because Japanese cars are built better than ours
Better, better, better than ours.
Krowemoh ruoy gniod eb uoy t'ndluohs?
Better than ours.

[Chorus: Ashley Jade]
This is the Japanese bonus track
Lars is international and that's a fact
This is the bonus track for Japan
'Cause Lars has special love for his Japanese fans

Tokyo is the country's biggest city
But Japanese people are itty-bitty
They bow and say thank you in the halls
Kids there like Pac and Biggie Smalls
Cibo Matto is Japanese
But the Wu-Tang Clan is not Japanese
Super Mario Brothers are Japanese
Hello Kitty iPod cases are half Japanese
Homer was plagiarized on a box
A fish light ulb that cleaned his socks
When it's Mr. Sparkle in effect
Then dirt is something he disrespects
The Ninja Turtles aren't Japanese
But the iron chef is Japanese
And MC Lars isn't Japanese
Want to learn more about Japan? Yes please!


Domo arigato, Japan.

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