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Mc Lars Horris - Where Ya Been Lars?

Where ya been Lars? Where ya been?
Where ya been Lars? Where ya been?
I've been touring everywhere just to bring this world joy
On a three-year long mission just to merch & destroy
I've been to Sydney, been to Dublin, been to Tokyo and back
Still rocking Capcom hoodies and that dirty A's cap
I'm still repping Northern Cali, hella non-conformist
I toured with Gym Class Heroes and then they got ginormous
I've drawn a lot of comics and I've rocked a lot of shows
I saw nerdcore come, I saw nercord go
I did a track with mc chris though I kind of wish I knew
He'd be like "I want three grand for that verse or I'll sue" (true)
I opened for T-Pain, he had zero production
He made my drummer move his drums, gave his stage manager instructions (move your drums)
I DJ-ed Johnny Phillips wedding, Gerard Way was there
I'm like, "We have the same booking agent, " he's like, "ask me if I care? "
I met "Weird Al" and I met Flava Flav
I met DMC but the photo wouldn't save
I'm like, "Camera phones suck, " he's like, "I know they're really tricky, "
He didn't actually say that, but if he had, it would have been good for comedy purposes
CP's y'all, CP's. Alright.

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