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Mc Lars & K Flay - Running Trains

Hey I'm MC Lars, a wholesome kid
So popular I messed with the Olsen twins
Toured my ass off programming my laptop
Comic book rich wearing Simpson's ascots
Ask not if I'm dope cause I am you should know
Selling out shows with my old school flow
From Stockholm to Raven to iGeneration
ICP and Public Enemy my inspiration
Oh aight, rock an A's cap daily
Hot fangirls all calling me baby
Wanna have Lars Horris in their backseat Taurus
Cause my space game's bigger than Tyrannosaurus
But you know that I ain't got time, I've been on my grind since 1999
DIY and I'm living like a rock star, can't get hyphy but I ghost ride cop cars

[MC Lars:]
Well my name is K.Flay and I come from Illinois
And when I rock the mic well I get all the boys
I'm five foot seven I play by my own rules
I'm so smart that Harvard was my safety school
I'm a very good person, my pancakes are amazing
I'm building up my game to make this industry my plaything
I really like Muse and I dig Liz Phair
I'm down with Zion I, I have dyed brown hair
Yo SF living double majored in Psychology
Slash Sociology don't ask for an apology
When I'm like "GIRL POWER! " and you're like "Whatever! "
I rock ProTools, Logic, Reason, because I'm very clever
Ableton? Please! That's my steez,
I can easily pull ten awesome beats out my sleeve
I flow better than Lars, but don't tell him that!
On "This Gigantic Robot Kills" I ghostwrote half the tracks

Welcome to the MC Lars and K.Flay show
We attack your ears like Vincent Van Gogh
We got style, we got brains
On your girl we're running trains
With our rhymes and our beats
So now check out our EP

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