Mc Lyte In My Business , In My Business Mc Lyte & Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott -
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Mc Lyte - In My Business

feat. Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott

Hahaha, introducing MC Lyte

[MC Lyte]
I think I need a sound check
Hit me with a sound check
Yea, now what about that dope stuff
Alright now, gimme an 8-0 (8-0, 8-0, 8-0)

Uh uh uh uh uh uh uh
Yo, 1-2
Uh, MC Lyte (yea)
You dont know (yea)
Ficky ficky, oh you dont know

[Verse One: MC Lyte]
On the regular they guessin how the Lyte get down
Nevermind that, nigga you better watch your mouth
Keep snoopin and you bound to hit a brick
Get out the crack of my ass all up in my shiznit
To you nosey Nikkis and you Peepin Toms
So, you know Im about to drop the Brooklyn Bomb
7 and 7 is 14 , 1 and 4 is 5
But none of that matters if your ass aint alive
You could care less about the records I se;;
You just wanna know I tried but I fell
But even on your best day and on my worst
Ill still be first, without the need to rehearse

[CHORUS: Missy Elliott singing]
Why you up in my business?
Find somethin better to do
Why you talkin about me?
I aint say shit bout you
Forgive me for my attitude
But I got something to say
Yall better not fuck with me
Cuz Im had a bad day

[Verse Two: MC Lyte]
Yall must really think Im the host of the freakshow
Got me taggin piranhas I dont even know
Got me swimmin in waters, gettin caught in fishnet
Got me hooked up wit folks I aint never even met
Now yall so busy tryin to market this
I guess yo stupid ass forgot who started this
But Im about to ransack you make your memory
Come back to you, let all my true niggas jack you
Talkin bou the Lyte like you gettin paid for it
Better wish for your own and get out my business
Besides Im too quick and pigeons oughta know
By the time you get the info, it was two years ago
Aside from that Im too swift to catch
Dont pay to chase the joint, you cant light the match
And everybody knows Im too quick to flip the latch
It aint many that can even say they been attached

[CHORUS: Repeat]

[Verse Three: Missy rapping]
I heard a lotta yall runnin runnin round
Aint none of yall this supa dupa fly
Supa Dupa as I
Fly, fly across the sky
Cut you like pie
Me and, me and MC Lyte
Cuz you wack
Straight from the jump, yea you wack
Better get back
I cant I cant fuck wit that
I aint sayin jack
Ima just smack you cross your face so deep that youll never talk back

[CHORUS: Repeat]

[Verse Four: Missy talking]
Why you up in my business
Find something better to do
Why you talkin bout me
I aint said shit about you (uh)
Forgive me for my attitude
But I got something to say
Yall better not fuck with me
Cuz I had a bad day
Ficky-ficky check me out
Uh uh, uh [repeats through chorus]

Mc Lyte
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