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Mc Lyte - Start It Up Y'all

feat. Milk Dee, Positive K

[Positive K]
Hey yo, who gonna start this off?
[Milk Dee]
Yo Positive, man, you start off, man
[Positive K]
Yo Lyte, won't you start it off
[Milk Dee]
Yo Lyte, you start it
[MC Lyte]
Na come on
Yo Positive, won't you start up, come on

Start it up y'all, start it up y'all
Sta-sta-start it up y'all
Start it up y'all, start it up y'all
Sta-sta-start it up y'all

[Positive K]
Well, I'm Positive
[Milk Dee]
Yo, and I am Milk Dee
[Pos K & Milk Dee]
What's your name, girl?
[MC Lyte]
They call me Lyte Thee MC
[Pos K & Milk Dee]
Well, two plus one
[Milk Dee]
That equals three
Positive K, rip the m-i-c

[VERSE 1: Positive K]
Yo, here I go, there I go, where I go
I don't know, but I'ma go with the flow
You sow what you reap and you reap what you sow
(And if you don't cut your hair you get a afro)
Ah to the beat y'all (beat y'all) beat-beat y'all (beat-beat y'all)
To the funk-funky beat y'all (beat y'all)
Peace peace y'all (peace y'all) the way we greet y'all (greet y'all)
And when you undress I hope that you're neat y'all (neat y'all)
Well, I'ma start this off here simple and plain
With the title I hold, my style and my name
The title I hold is pimp slash rapper
My style (Yo, we got to say dapper)
Positive's my name, the K's in quotation
When you spell it don't forget the exclamation
Pep's in my step and my rep's beginning
Base is loaded, the bottom of the 9th inning
(Will you make a grand slam? (Yo, will it be a base hit?)
Yo, whatever you do, you gonna have to face it
I'm short and stocky, I hit like Rocky
Don't you call me Rocky cause no one can rock me
Yes, I'm single, I love to mingle
(Rappers bite you) just like a Pringle
Or maybe a Manwich, maybe a Snicker
(Cause you kick a rhyme doesn't make you a kicker)
Well, if I was DJ would I play
Someone's records strictly for the pay?
Like that y'all (that y'all) like that y'all (like y'all)
Positive K don't smoke no crack y'all (crack y'all)
That's how it is y'all (is y'all) that's how it is y'all (is y'all)
You can ask my main man Giz y'all (Giz y'all)

[Milk Dee]
Yo Pos
[Pos K]
Yo Milk
[Milk Dee]
Yo Lyte
[MC Lyte]
Yo Pos
Here's a story about the three
[Milk Dee]
Let me tell ya, let me tell ya
[Pos K]
I'm the Positive K (y'all)
[MC Lyte]
MC Lyte
[Milk Dee]
and I'm the Milk Dee y'all

[VERSE 2: Milk Dee]
Well, I'm the M (the M) the i (the i) the l (the l) the k (what you say?)
I said I came here to save the day
Take you up and down like a rollercoaster
Call me a bragger cause I'm a boaster
MC's say I'm an MC toaster
I paid my dues, I don't rap the blues
You pick and choose but I headline the news
A girl got knocked up and said I hit it
(You did it, you did it) (He did it) (You did it)
Yo, I mighta did it but I wouldn't admit it
(Ah come on Milk Dee, quit it)
Yo, I'll quit it but I won't stop it
I wanna drop it, here's another topic
Scores of hoes chillin on the ave
Jealous of the Milk cause of what I have
I keep pretty girls always by my side
Take em for a ride so they'll abide
But if I don't comb my hair I don't care
I grab my hat, yo believe it's like that
I ( ? ) she thought I was a capper
I slapped her (he slapped her) for bein dumb
You know Brooklyn, Brooklyn is where I'm from
But since I'm here I'm gonna drop a dime
(So what's up with Hammer?) Yo, Hammer can't rhyme
And .357 is a bunch of hoes
You can ask Giz (Gizmo knows)
Yo, I gets papers, that's my habit
Like Nola D in (_She's Gotta Have It_)
Yo, I'm so thick that I can't stand it
Let's get candid, I'm the love bandit
They say I'm swingin cause I'm a swinger
But yo, I don't sing cause I ain't no singer
Your girl is clingin cause she's a clinger
Clingin to my pocket because I rocked it
They all say how (how) how does he clock it?
All of the money, they think it's funny
I'm turnin cloudy days into sunny ones
It's all about the funds
Yes yes y'all (yes y'all) yes yes y'all (yes y'all)
Milk-Milk Dee use Crest y'all (Crest y'all)
Like that y'all (that y'all) like that y'all (like y'all)
So-so goddamn fat y'all (fat y'all)

[Milk Dee]
Yo Lyte
[MC Lyte]
Yo Milk
[Milk Dee]
Yo Pos
[Pos K]
Yo Lyte
Here's a story about the three
[Milk Dee]
Let me tell ya, let me tell ya
I'm M-i-l-l
[Pos K]
I'm the Positive K and
[MC Lyte]
And Lyte Thee MC

[VERSE 3: MC Lyte]
Like that y'all (that y'all) like that y'all (that y'all)
Positive and Milk they got my back y'all (back y'all)
No doubt y'all (doubt y'all) no doubt y'all (doubt y'all)
My lights will never go out y'all (out y'all)
Now it's time to kick this rhyme kinda freely
German, Russian, even Suaheli
You'll understand the rhyme translated
You know that the Lyte is never ever underestimated
I cast a spell like _I Dream of Jeannie_
Fellas wanna see me rock a bikini (oooh...)
Hit a note just like Aretha
I'm the female (female rhyme teacher)
Each and every time the rhyme gets doper
Lyte get a talk show just like Oprah
With my ability and my agility
Will only equal up (to versatility)
A tisket, a tasket, fuck a yellow basket
(Can you rock a mic, Lyte?) How can you ask it?
I flow like a river, just like a stream
I'm like the dope (the dope for a dopefiend)
I move like the pawn, better yet the queen
Stay check-mate, you know what I mean?
I go (boom-boom) like an Alpine speaker
I go (beep-beep) like a Motorola beeper
Talk about deep, well let's get deeper
Breakin it down to the very last compound
(That's how she's livin, that's how she's livin)
"Slave to the Rhythm", that's what I'm givin

LG rocks it on and
Trooper [Name] rocks it on and
Gizmo rocks it on and
King Of Chill rocks it on and
K-Rock rocks it on and
Master T rocks it on and
[Name] rocks it on
Tito rocks it on and
Aftershock rocks it on and
[Name] rocks it on and
Leg 1 rocks it on and
Leg 2 rocks it on and

[Pos K]
Yo and we don't stop, keepin it on
where where to the break break
to the break break
till crackheads are gone
We outta here

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