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Mc Magic - Somebody Like You

feat. Lil Tweety

Baby baby
This lil tweety
And I wanna confess a feelin
This dedication goin out to my girl

All I ever wanted was somebody like you(cause all I ever wanted)
Someone to love me, and treat me
The way that you do(Was somebody like you)
All I ever needed was somebody like you
Someone to love me, and treat me
The way that you do

[Verse 1:]
Promise me once again baygirl this one's for you
And it's comin from my heart
Everyday I stay true
So we will never be apart
Your all I need you and me, me and you
Cause there's no one in this world
That could love me the way you do,
See they don't understand what you've been through
But I promise u this
I would never leave beside
Every kiss it's like the first
Makin sparks like the fourth of july
See the truth is I never met someone lke you
And do the things you do
And make me say the things I say
Everyday I wake up feelin happy then ever
Were never felt like this
So babygirl take this kiss

(All I ever wanted)
(All I ever needed)
(The way that you do)

[Verse 2:]
And I hope you feel this
And every kiss that I give
Now hush little lady
Don't rush things baby
Cause it never caught my good
So let's take this one slow
Cause love like this should always be right
Every night I hold you tight
Don't argue no fight
Ever since I laid eyes on you babygirl
You make me recognize what love is about
I could see it in your eyes
That you're tired of being alone
Babygirl we'll promise to always be honest
Babygirl you got it till death does us part
You will stay in my heart
Always and forever we will always stay together
It's true so don't cry no more
Cause I'm meant to make it better for you

(All I ever wanted)
(The way that you do)

[Verse 3:]
Now it's time for me to go
Cause I'm comin home to you
And I just wanna say I love you
And thanks for being there true
I will always have your back
I will never cheat on you
So don't worry bout that
Cause my heart is where your at
No matter how far
I will always come back
To the one that show's me love
She's the one I'm thinkin of everyday
And every night and you know who you are
Babygirl let's make this right
Your my star in the sky,
My light in my life,
The apple in my eye babygirl it's no lie
I will always try no matter how bad
The situation is cause I've never had love like this

(All I ever wanted)
(Somebody like you, somebody like you)
(It's magic, nb ridaz)
(With my home, lil tweety)
(All I ever needed)

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