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Mc Melodee & Cookin Soul - Here We Come

feat. Smif n Wessun

Who the man then? This is so could it really be?
Smif n Wessun aka Coco D
Blaze local trees while they play cocotee
Man I walk end from my talk to police
I'll be running crowd of folks in a crowd of smoke
Hoodoo'd like a shroud, I don't smell cause I'm not a joke
Shew who boys, leave out of this town
It's a war not a dance, Cookin Soul is the sound

If they'll adapt, fit
Let 'er wear it
But them better run fast, quick
Cause big can scare you

And if you, shots' gonna blow his whole body up
In my pussy whole, I fuck his daghtie up
Big man, having big fun
Talkin' big shit, carryin' a big bun

That's right
Smif n Wessun
Cookin Soul
Mc Melodee up in this
This is how we grow baby
Now let's go

We on the hot shit, 30 degrees in up shit
We chop shit, flip classics, we drop it
You dazed in, we blame it on the tropical heat
My people up in this tree, they blaze the concrete
Let your band have a day, feels good so rock away
Show skin and yang, this ain't no sucker play
You love the DJ blessin' y'all with tunes
They found out what we cookin' on the hide afternoon
I see you taste somewhat, we layin' on the table
Bringin' back the gooder days like sweet Sable
Bass line's thinnin', why you can't sing it?
We blow up the speakers and cause your ears' ringin'
The party's in here from the front to the back
Smack a jug chicken, blunts and root beer
Now stand clear for a world premiere
This jawn's messin' up in here, takin' you back there

Everything to emeralds, you've done what you can
So she didn't have a daughter, she did have a son
She said no cause we try, run up the steels and come
And if you don't talk with me I don't have no response
So I drop a bunch of fools and that's all that you rock
You rocker who oh oh

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