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Mc Melodee & Cookin Soul - You're History

Let me tell you this much
This shit ain't never gonna work
Listen up yo
Check out Melodee

No, I could wait no more
This ship's sailed a long time, it's reached the shore
I've good all along, showed love to Lord
I've been friendly and getting what you asked for
But deep in hell all you do is ask more
So why you follow me, I'm sneakin' out the backdoor
Camped up in the corner, tryna block my sight
You're starin' at me like you did the whole night, not right
You look fried like a deer in the headlights
Since we realized we ain't gon be a night
No, we ain't gon be alright, a-a, never that
I still regret the very first day we've met
I wish I never got with you cause your ass is whack
So you best get outta here, that shit was way back
Wish I never got with you cause your ass is whack
Eh yo, get outta here, this shit was way back

That's right motherfucker
This shit is classic
Get ready for this shit
You'd better listen up, yea

Hey yo, free goin' home, I could ask polite
I lookin' at me like I be some kind of Turkish delight
Well, you can't taste this so you best hold tight
Music cream, just creepin' with our end right
You had your chance no with it, you damn right
And that it never gonna change, somebody long sight
Yet it never gonna change cause you're weird deranged
And we should never drink tonight
When you got in my range you caught me way off guard
It remains strange but we all have floors
Make mistakes in things that brought an ends to that
You know what you are to me?
You dig that, has never been a you and me
Home dude I think you'd better don't woke up to me
Don't you get it? Ey yo, this ain't no mystery
You see our history cut off. What us? We history
Yea, our history cut off. What us? We history
You're history

Whoo Kid
Cookin Soul
Shout out
Ha ha

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