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Mc Paul Barman - Anarchist Bookstore Part 1

Is my distance from the mic proper

There's a college town, with olive green all around
Professors and skater punks rock SG Paul's Wall Of Sound
And there's an anarchist bookstore, there's more than you'd look for
A core of local folks wait for late lifts, there's often a great drift
To the shop for the Wednesday night five-to-eight shift
Cause the clerk at work is the prettiest gal in town, she cries during Allentown
She's a precocious socialist and she's willing to prowl around
She's twice as cool as the kids from her high school
Every Wednesday after French club she rides to work
with a stuffed Mastadon in the basket on her bicycle
If Noam Chomsky was from the Bronx he'd have been assassinated promptly
She said he was from the Bronx, he said you know what I mean, ignoramuses
Oh boy what a pain this is, said the only paid employee, the manager
I came for culture, not accounting, and a girl put a flyer up above the water fountain
She carried Clandestine two dollar mescaline in her blue collar mess tin
Plastered with stickers that said food not bombs, sex not proms, critical mass
That bastard, voice talent snickered
Nice graphics but that's just half assed agitprop to piss off a traffic cop
Aww shucks, can it be I'm too lazy for pot lucks
If not my friends, who am I willing to cook for
And they're chilling at the anarchist bookstore

Will Barnes and Noble harm the global
Will Amazon Com be round when grammar's gone mom

Voice talent, the rapper, had a rapport with a stripper whore
Who he'd vote for long before he'd vote for Tipper Gore
He re-equipped the store with the new credit machines and put zines in their places
He said take back the streets is more like take back
four parking spaces at the most and left to hose the Sunday showcases
He was all dressed in tinsel yo, but he couldn't convince his friends to go
They were like, voice talent, you put on a minstrel show
He said someone's psychotic, someone took too much semiotics
Furthermore, he thought, someone can tzi-suck my tza-dick
But VT was the opposite of TV, he'd never accuse someone of being PC
Because it's so friggin' dumb to say, the term arose on the Columbus Day
Quincentennary when the republic was honest about the conquest
And wouldn't party as they had previously promised
If someone uses a non-offensive vocabulary then that person is considerate, not PC
If someone has a heavy-handed agenda, that person is narrow-minded, not PC
Unless you mean Providence College
PC is as meaningless as the president's apology for slavery
Maybe P.E. should be on the radio
and not just in the African-American Norton Anthology

Will Barnes and Noble harm the global
Will Amazon Com be round when grammar's gone mom

Will Barnes and Noble harm the global
Will Amazon Com be round when grammar's gone mom

Who cooks for you, who cooks for you
Who cooks for you all

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