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Mc Peaches - Dope Is How It's Done

(Audio 2 remix)

(Let's have some fun y'all)

[VERSE 1: MC Peaches]
First let me start this off by sayin yo
With the mic and a def beat, now I'm good to go
To Bumrush this beat First Priority style
Yo, I can get with this and I can get wild
But I don't, I plex, that's how I like to do it
No need to say 1-2 on the mic, I just jump into it
And say a rhyme, either long or quick
The length doesn't matter, as long as it's a hit
Hard and sweet combined like a package deal
When I'm on the mic no need to wonder cause you know I will
Say somethin that will get the crowd hype
So there's no time to sleep with MC Peaches on the mic
Cause you might miss somethin that you needed to hear
Some act bold but still they fear
What I'm sayin, the style that I'm displayin
Playin my cards right and only slayin
MC's that act funny and cross my path
But I still stay calm, I don't riff, I just laugh
I never waste my time battlin
Just like a car MC Peaches is travellin
Or rather movin 100 beats per minute
Yo, cruising and droppin rhymes that I can say are debonnaire
And if you can't hang, then don't come near
Cause you might get caught or dropped
By a rhyme that I'm sayin, you know it's straight up hip-hop
Some like to burn, others say they execute
But when I'm on the mic the only purpose is to get loose
Rockin funky lyrics while the def beat runs
I roll correct cause dope is how it's done

(Dope is)
[MC Lyte] (Girl you was addicted to)

[VERSE 2: MC Peaches]
Stay out the jungle if you know you can't swing from a vine
Don't play yourself and grab a mic if you know you can't rhyme
MC Peaches, the one with the gift of gab
To rock a crowd with the rhymes that you wish you had
Not quiet, but not really loud
Connin all the guys with the way I smile
If you're a cutie, to get my number you have hope
But if you're not and you're wack it's a straight up nope
Never clearin my throat on the mic cause that's rude
Ruff, rugged rhymes but still smooth
Some speak low on the mic and some mumble
I'm crispy clear and my voice'll never crumble
And the beat will keep goin till my rhyme is done
I keep searchin for my equal but can't find one
With the potential, the hypeness to get the crowd to holler
I can diss a MC on the mic, but why bother
Wastin my time exchangin rhymes with a sucker
Face to face on the mic recitin rhymes to one another?
Nah, that's not my style, that is for a amateur
But one will try me and I will have to damage her
Or him, two or three so maybe even them
Have the posse in the place in case some riffin begins
We can go toe to toe, yo, you know I won't run
Cause dope is how it's done

(Dope is)
(Girl you was addicted to)

(Do what you want)
(Do it everyone)

[VERSE 3: MC Peaches]
Some girls' place is in the kitchen but mine is on the mic
Gettin loose at a party and keepin the crowds hype
Is a neccessity, my First Priority
To avoid all static, yo, don't even start me
Riffin or dissin cause you'll be dismissed
Exempt if you even try to attempt
To pick up a mic and become a challenger
Clear my path if you can't handle a
Beat like this, a MC like me
If you must play games you're better of playin lottery
I go smooth but I like to attack
I'm not a gangstress cause I'm too pretty for that
Some say I'm on a ego trip and my head is souped
But do I really have to be conceited just because I'm cute?
They're buggin, I can flautn and act the way that I want to
Don't let the way I wink my eye at your man taunt you
Anyway, the weak will fade, the strong will go on
And if you really got static we can meet later on
Feminine but still hard as they come
"Commin Straight Rollin Hard", playin second to no one
Rockin funky lyrics while the def beat runs
I roll correct cause dope is how it's done

(Dope is)
(Girl you was addicted to)

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