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Mc Peaches - Fellas Gather Round

[VERSE 1: MC Peaches]
Many people hate me but plenty just love me
Some sit and say that they don't know of me
Then they're the first to run for the pen and paper
To get Peaches' autograph (They catch the vapors)
As I step to the crowd lookin real sexy
With my piece at my side and my bodyguards next to me
I like to flirt, but if he's with his miss
I just wink my eye, maybe blow a kiss
Step to the stage as she looks me up and down
Grab the mic and say, "Fellas, gather around"

[VERSE 2: MC Peaches]
Now form a semi-circle round your lyrical miracle
MC Peaches, not your stereotypical
Female MC, I boom in a Benzi
With a army of rhymes that defend me
Day and night, night and day I have to say
All my lyrics in a souped up funky way
Walk around with a silky sexy sway
It's like every single day's my birthday
So come on everybody, let's celebrate
MC Peaches in the house and I can't wait
To grab the microphone and start to throw down
And watch the fellas gather around

Fellas, gather around

[VERSE 3: MC Peaches]
Come one, come all cause here I am
Your girl won't be needed for this jam
Believe me, she'll be in the way
So put your hands in the air, swing as I sway
From right to left, from left to right
Matter of fact, send her home, she's not needed tonight
And take two steps so I can be closer to ya
Yeah, I'm a pusher but I ain't givin crack to ya
The little devil that makes your nature rise
Forget crackerjacks, Peaches has a better surprise
The girls have to play the back this round
This is for the fellas, so fellas, gather around

Fellas, gather around

[VERSE 4: MC Peaches]
Fellas, gather around as I throw down
Girls, you can have your man back on the rebound
But right now I command control
One part body, two parts soul
No kind of magic, it ain't hypnotism
It just seems that I gleam with witasism
So naturally all the fellas attract to me
All the party people react to me
MC Peaches in the house they're glad to see
And anything they say behind my back gets back to me
So do me right and it's right back atcha
And if I don't see ya tonight, yo, I'll catch ya
At the next jam when Peaches throws down
And watch the fellas gather around

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