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Mc Peaches - I'mma Let You Know

feat. Mello Moe

Cause I'ma let you know
And I'ma let you know
[PMD] (The buck stops here cause I'ma let you know)

[VERSE 1: MC Peaches]
MC's will come and MC's will go
But I remain on top whether the beat is movin fast or slow
I romp and stomp anyone that cross the line
Any way you put it, I'ma get mine
When it comes to lyrics, Peaches has many
As far as competition, yo, I don't see any
I take the mic, any time, any place
Showin and provin that I'm more than just a pretty face
Some say for a girl my style is too rough
Huh, yeah, I rock hard but with a feminine touch
The recods are still gettin played, the guys they're not complainin
So why fix what's not broken, know what I'm sayin?
The robust flavor of my rhyme make your mouth water
Creativity give me ability to slaughter
When I'm on the mic you can come bear witness
I'm slicin and dicin cause I'm the microphone princess
You can go for yours, I'll get mine, no static, chief
But when there's a diss, yo, I'm knockin out teeth
It's a bad move to try and test me
You can say your rhyme but suckers don't impress me
So come in peace or in shame you'll go
No shorts are taken and I'ma let you know

[VERSE 2: Mello Moe]
I'm smooth, but to your health I'm hazardous
And when it comes to a rhyme I master this
Like a rhetorical question I have the answer
Gimme a mic, a DJ Kas beat and my dancers
Faze I and II, Precice and Psycho
They do the movin and groovin and on the mic is Moe
But this time it's Mello Moe and MC Peaches
Down for years, so you know the proceedures
Clearin any misconception in this direction
My verbal connection is called perfection
I'm hyper and doper, ready to rumble
When I go head up with an MC they fumble
The mic I ignite, delight and excite
Some act like they wanna fight - yeah right
Put up or shut up, cause yo, I won't let up
You talked and stalked and walked into a set-up
So go with the flow and watch the pro
Cause I'ma let you know

[VERSE 3: MC Peaches]
Now, I'm undefeated, rhymes are completed
I'm often called conceited cause I demand to be treated
Like a lady, no ifs, ands or maybes, baby
Not with the one night stands cause that's crazy
Peaches is a lyricist, so I get lyrical
My rhymes are deadly, so that makes em critical
I bury suckers who try to test me
I hold the skills cause the Mighty one blessed me
With the ability to put suckers to shame
And years from now you'll remember my name
I throw down whether with a mic or a fist
And I await the day you get the nerve to diss
I hold my own, no doubt about it I'll crush
But watch your back cause I roll with the Bumrush
My lyrics flow, no matter how the beat swings
I'm MC Peaches, so I stay away from basic things
Basic rhymes from me, yo, don't expect
Me to go out like that, I don't half-step
You give it your all, but I must give a little more
My rhymes don't drip drop, they pour
Repetitiously they flow in sets
While you get frantic and panic I plex
Some say I'm rugged by the way that I flow
But there's 100% woman here and I'ma let you know

[VERSE 4: Mello Moe]
I have dope formality with no technicality
Full of originality, now who wanna battle me
Speak now or forever hold your peace
Cause if you wait too long I get strong and release
Another rhyme like a bomb, so poetically inclined
Devine to design a dope line to show you I'm
Not your average or your typical
Run-of-the-mill, I have skill and I will get critical
Just to get rid of you, because you're pitiful
Put up your hands and I'll show you what one hit'll do
Wreck your face, it's your face I will wreck
Cause it's me, Mello Moe, in full-ll-ll effect
I meet you and greet you, beat you, defeat you
Like AT&T, my lyrics will reach you
Sell-out hell no, my records'll sell, though
A lotta punk rappers are tryina be Mello
But see, you can't be me, get the picture?
Like my man Vaughn says, what is wrong with you?
Cause I'ma let you know

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