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Mc Peaches - More Than Just A Pretty Face

(Showin and provin) (feminality)

Cause I often wear a rope or a link
Many seem to think that I'm not pretty in pink
But I can go from jeans to leather to silk to sweats
And the roses'll still get sent
I got the money, the look, and the fame
So don't stereotype me just because I wear a chain
Yeah, my rhymes are hard as hard can get
But as you can see by lookin, there's nothin here masculine
I'm turnin heads from New York to Miami
But when there's a problem, yo, I'm givin eye-jammies
That doesn't make me any less of a woman, no it doesn't
And if I wanted to, I'd take your man and his cousin
Some girls act jealous but the guys just adore me
(Peaches, can I have your autograph?) Surely
It's not about the biker shorts or how you shake your thing
The question at hand is can you make a party swing?
And Peaches can pack a jam in a pair of jeans
And it won't affect the gross of my income
I get g after g after g afger g - and then some
So there's no need to wear a mini to make you choke
You gets gased on my lyrics cause they're so dope
I'm into records, I'm not into sellin my body
So I don't need a bikini to rock a party
Just the DJ, the dancers, the rhymes, that's all
There's no need to look like a hoe to get the crowd's applause
More than just a pretty face but pretty as a picture
The looks'll faze ya but the rhymes'll hit ya
Words are delivered like a stream of water
No questions asked, in a battle I slaughter
So don't doubt my feminality, word is bond
Cause in a pair of Nikes I can still turn you on
Words are designed to rock
But the purpose of the right hook is to drop
Suckers to they knees, put em in their place
Showin and provin that I'm more than just a pretty face

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