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Mc Peaches - Treat Her Like A Lady

[The Temptations] (Treat her like a lady)

[VERSE 1: MC Peaches]
Peaches rockin hard but doin it with class
Always rated first, never comin in last
Bein treated like a lady is what I expect
So when you approach me, confront me with respect
I don't talk to everyone that try to talk to me
They got to be cream of the crop, and quality
See, not too rowdy and not too shy
Not a homeboy, just an average guy
I like to be treated nice, taken out without a hassle
But he gets dissed if we go to White Castle
Don't need no playboy or no Casanova
You get one strike and then it's over
No, I'm not out for a one night stand
And true dedication is what I demand
Not about playin games, strictly for the youth
So before you lie to me try to tell the truth
Some people command it but I demand it
It's your tough luck if you don't understand it
Soon you'll find that it is a must
But in the meantime, chill out and just

(Treat her like a lady)

[VERSE 2: MC Peaches]
Peaches on the mic ( ? ) with finesse
No doubt about it, I deserve the best
I got a lot of style and feminality
No, I'm not just another female MC
And when I get on the mic you know I rock
Cause my rhymes are like Maxwell, 'good to the last drop'
And there is no other female quite like this
My name is Erica but call me Peaches
I'm lookin for a guy that's worth my while
To get with me you gots to have style
Plus impression is the best, I look for it in every guy
Approach me right, I might give you a try
Don't come up to me rude with nothin to say
Cause if you do it like that I'm gonna walk away
Spend time with me, take me out on dates
It would be just perfect if you're not late
Open up the car door, put out the table seat
Before the night's over take me out to eat
Respect me, do with me and nothin else
Cause I can do bad all by myself
Arguments and aggravation I can deal without
So when you get upset, at me don't shout
Do me right, I treat me right without a fuss
But in the meantime, chill out and just

(Treat her like a lady)

[VERSE 3: MC Peaches]
Fly young lady and always well dressed
Lookin out for self is what I do best
So if you diss me I act like I don't know ya
So treat me like a lady, everything'll be kosher
No, I'm not confused, know just what I want
I got style, so I always flaunt
My ( ? ) now my look and gear is always correct
And dressed to impress is what the people expect
So I go with the flow of movin fast not slow
And if you don't keep up you're gonna blow
The only opportunity that you ever get
So be aware, make sure you don't miss
Cause I'm movin swift, coverin all grounds
Lettin no one in the way slow me down
Cause I'm goin for self lookin out for my own
And if you ain't down with me just leave me alone
Say what you gotta say if it is a must
There won't be no hard feelings if you just

(Treat her like a lady)

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