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Mc Ren - Bring It On

feat. Above The Law, Triggerman, Dr. Khalid Muhammad

[Intro: Dr. Khalid Muhammad talking]
"Welcome to America"
Good evening, this is the truth hour
And don't you touch that dial
You stay tuned in, to the truth hour
I didn't come to lighten up, I came to tighten up [Crowd goin' nuts]

[Verse 1: MC Ren]
Niggaz, here I come, black nigga, the gorilla
Bustin' shit, who is it, it's the bitch made nigga killa
I control the streets, shit is all underground
Niggaz gotta step the fuck back when I come around
Nigga, fuck the police, the white one, the black one
The Mexican, the Japanese can all suck deez
Cause how in the fuck can you serve this government
That be plottin' to kill niggaz, they want to steel niggaz
Here we are today, 30, 40 million strong
Handkerchief-headed niggaz sayin' ain't shit wrong
Niggaz don't give a fuck about your three strikes
That's why I give you hell when I'm bustin' on the mic
I got niggaz in the cut of the ninety-one
Niggaz in the streets sellin' heaters, I'm a find me one
And off them devils off from the shack, Ugh "yeah, ugh, yeah"
Fools goin' crazy cause that nigga 'Ren is back...

[Verse 2: Cold 187um]
What's up, dog, it's on once again, let them fools know
When we comin' through we straight givin' you the voo doo
Keep it real if you like it or you don't
Workin' hard like bugs, straight have know what the fuck we want
I bought a house in the suburbs
Next to the homie Wade, I made a killin' off them birds
White folks straight mad as fuck
Because I'm rollin' in a Benz and a 30, 000 Dollar truck
Yo, I takes mine, yo, when I shakes mine
On the real, the government labels me a flatline
And Uncle Sam gives a fuck about me
That's why I'm sittin' in this phase on a ratin' LP
Yo, he more wicked then a horror flick
Think you won't, high powered mandate to 5 Dollar bitch
Yo, they say America the land of the free
But the first thing I've seen was slavery, fool...

[Chorus: Cold 187um]
So is you scared of me
439 years of slavery (Slavery)
And we still ain't free
But we s'posed to act like we livin' in harmony "Bring it on"
(Bring it on, you've got to bring it on)

[Verse 3: Triggerman]
I pledge allegi' to the flag when I'm rollin' down the block
In my ride, but it's... it's your rag "never"
Yeah, I stick hand tight
I drop a kite to my nigga in the pen doin' ten
I put a nigga in a cage, but I'm never on his back
While Uncle Sam straight stack
I wish they let them die like a pigeon in the wind
But every nigga in the pen' alive
With one point to get every three sixty five
Say you gotta keep up, if you on the main line
You gotta hurt some. while you in the chow-line "yeah"
So if you wanna survive don't let them eyes sleep
Even when you hustle on the streets...

[Bell rang]

[Verse 4: Km.G]
Yeah, break myself never
However, I'm in this so scrilla
The Clinic gang runnin' thangs up, so I smell trouble
Gatherin' up at the shack, cause Ren's got my back
187's got a sack and I got a sack
So bring it on, we get the whole country high
Above The Law the crooked letter, a year supply
Then they get upset, cause we set up shop, in they hoods
And start slangin' them no goods
We should go uptown, and poison the suburbs
Have all them white fellas straight going to the curb
Instead they slide down to our block
(Just to get a bit of that Peruvian rock)
Ain't no gun factories in Gardena
Ain't no poppy fields poppin' out in Pomona "yeah, ugh"
I bought my steel from a white man, my works from a SA
And my interiors be lookin' hittin' corners, Huh...

[Chorus: Cold 187um wvariations]
So is you scared of me
439 years of slavery (Slavery)
And we still ain't free
But we s'posed to act like we livin' in harmony "Bring it on"
(Bring it on, you've got to bring it on)

[Outro: Dr. Khalid Muhammad talking]
You with me? (Yeah)
Cause I gotta drop this stuff tonight
Because I'm a truth terrorist [whistle]
I'm a knowledge gangster
I'm a black history hitman
I'm a lie killer, urban guerilla
I gotta be a roughneck [a great big round of applause]
Gotta be a roughneck
It's the only way I know to go [a great big round of applause]

[beat fades the track and the Album]

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