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Mc Ren - Final Frontier

Hey, hey Ren, hey check this out loc
hey man I've been hearing a gang of niggas
talking a whole lot of unnecessary bullshit man,
what if one of 'em trick ass niggas
come at you the wrong way loc'?

[MC Ren]
I'll beat a niggaz ass on the trick just for the hell of it
there the motherfuckin piece of pussy there's no tell of it
I don't give a damn I'll beat a nigga like he's stole somethin'
and then I'll let the motherfucker know where Ren is comin from
I'm from Compton everybody's on the wagon
I'm looking for niggaz that's thinkin'
that they're the shit, that's who I'm taggin'
Never asking questions I just go right in and do it
And if you're thinkin that you can fuck with Ren
you bitch already blew it
Like I said before, fools want up in my shoes
But after fuckin with me
they're givin' up rap, and they're singin' the blues
Me and DJ Train dropping bombs like a P2
So you should get the picture or if not, you get a preview
That we don't take no shit
Cause MC Ren ain't a nigga that you wanna try and fuck with
Kick a little ass in my spare time
to keep myself occupied when I'm not bustin' up a rhyme
Writin that shit that ya love to hear
cause MC Ren is the final frontier


(Black guy) Who is it?
(White guy) The black nigga that they call Ren
(Black guy) Who is it?
(White guy) The black nigga that they call Ren
(Black guy) Who is it?
(White guy) The black nigga that they call Ren
(MC Ren) Ya fuck with me ya gotta fuck with a Mack 10

[MC Ren]
Now throw your hands in the air and let me see ya slap a hoe
Start the violence goin on through an MC Ren show
I don't give a fuck if niggaz is fightin in the crowd
I only got one concern, that's my vocals pumpin loud
I'm standing on the stage I got my niggaz to my right
I bust a couple of verses
then jump in the crowd and get with the fight
I hit a nigga off in the head with a chair
The reason for that, the motherfucker he was standin there
Then DJ Train will grab the gauge - just in case a motherfucker
talks shit; he'll be the victim on the front page
He's on his way to the morgue - to kick it with the rest
of them motherfuckers that I gave free room and board
So when ya at my show
Let me see ya throw your hands up in the air and slap a hoe
Cause that's the only noise I wanna hear
cause MC Ren is the final frontier

[Chorus x2]

[MC Ren]
The final frontier makes an average nigga wonder
why they do a couple of records and then they go up under
Try to copy Ren but Ren just can't be duplicated
Motherfuckers makin pussy shit so I come in and fade it
Slap the niggaz like bitches if they have to talk back
Put my foot so deep in their ass they have a hole and not a crack
The shit just makes a nigga laugh, cause niggaz be comin up to me
Askin me why did I leave size 10 Nike in that ass
I tell 'em I had to do it was part of the plan
to try to stop the fools jacking off by the hand
Putting wack records in the make
by usin R&B fuckin singers in the god damn breaks
Try to go commercial but they started out street
That's reason why they're still drivin their two feet
Thinkin they can diss Ren's flow, but singin and dancin
don't go with the format that I be usin in my show
It's just hardcore niggaz actin crazy on the stage
wearing gangsta clothes yo and spittin on the hoes
Doin' that shit that ya love to hear
cause MC Ren is the final frontier

[Chorus x2]

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