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Mc Serch - Daze In A Weak

Serch slut for the quick view, but then I come back to dick you
Down, down, down, get up
When will you learn that when you try to flip
First you have to learn the role, calm control
Then bust combust, explode, blow your load
But on yourself call for help? Who come for help on a crumb?
No one, nada, zero zilch
Try to see this, you'd better but on some stilts, son
Serch will find the one, but the one you found was me
Go plug the puffed head til it's all empty
Plenty plenty more when I come pull your card, what?
Good vibrations only when my dick is hard
So if your booty ass lyrics don't get to me, the stench will
Copy my shit like that, use a stencil
Potential, can't get a piece of this rock
When I go pop pop pop, Simon says "Stop"
Begin, begin, weak blends, weekends, the stunts in sequence
Can't find the move or the groove for the weekend

Scuds get drop and Serch stops all the madness
Yeah right, like you was ever gonna have this
Nonsense, square the sense and add a comma
Begin with a coma, look what I've shown ya
Ain't no use, so don't try and play cool, bitch
Stomp out the kids in blue jeans and Goose Woolridge
Bitch is a duck with six feet at all ends
And on your deathbed your girl's fucking your best friend
Show signs the time troop dismiss the her
Cause when the bitch plays softball, she gots to go
So don't try to chuck, you get the knuckle for the peeping
My crew starts leaping with the groove for the weekend

Served in straight sets cause you rhyme like you got Torret's
gooo boy guaaaaahhh You're next!
Complex diagrams of rhymes to flex
A man go and use the cracks to sharpen the hex, sex
Still come back and get served in straight sets
Domes get sent to the pipe
Cause I'm the baddest white boy to ever fucking touch a mic
Like it or not, I don't care about the Hammer
But he'd be my bitch if me and him was in the slammer
So, handle the Kibbles and Bits and rap starter kits
Get blown to bits for the weekend and that's it

That's all that's it for the weekend, that's it (what?)
That's all that's it for the weekend, that's it (what?)
That's all that's it for the weekend, that's it (what?)
That's all that's it for the weekend, that's it

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