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Mc Twist & The Def Squad - Mary Mack

(Honey, I make love cafeteria style:
just help yourself!)

[VERSE 1: MC Twist]
Now Mary Mack in black, finest girl in school
Got voted best lookin cause she's such a jewel
I remember in September when she first came through
Fellas paid no attention, but then she grew
She started actin fast and became loose
Met Jimbrowski who gave her the juice
Now what started out good has now turned bad
There's a rumor she's pregnant and I'm the dad
The guys gave me credit, girls said I was wrong
If you wanna know the truth, keep playin the song
Mary's lips were closed, they always stayed the same
She said to come inside, I ain't the one who came

Oh Mary Mack, Mack, Mack
All dressed in black, black, black
She wanna do it from the front, front, front
But I'ma get her in the back, back, back

[VERSE 2: MC Twist]
I seen her four months later, or was it three?
I don't know, but her stomach looks flat to me
I said, "Hey, Mary Mack," she answered, "What?"
I said, "I like the way the jeans fit your big old butt"
She took a couple steps back, got on the sidewalk
Started movin her hips, gave me body talk
I said, "Come on girl, why you're tryin to tease?"
Then she opened her hand and showed me her keys
I think I will for the thrill cause she never calls
And I wonder how it feels to move inside the walls
Of her pad, and I was glad to be on her list
Cause man oh man, I been waitin for this


[VERSE 3: MC Twist]
Well, we walked down the street about a block away
To a little white house that looked okay
I sat myself on the couch, she played somethin slow
And said, "I be right back, boy, so don't you go"
Rendez-vous for two, somethin I won't pass
And you best believe I'm goin up that As...
pirine for a headache cause my head hurts
I need to freshen my breath, so I grab some certs
She returned, I bugged at the sight I saw
She had on silk lace panties and a matchin bra
Thought about my homeboys and said, ah hell
This is gonna be a real good story to tell


[VERSE 4: MC Twist]
I said, "Oh Mary, have you ever been told?
You could be the next angel in the centerfold
I wouldn't waste my time just to say this rap
You got looks, got body, not to mention the gap
I'm dirty like a dog, horny as a toadd
So give it to me quick, make me explode
Cause tonight you're mine and you can say I'm yours
Cause you're a freaky little thing behind closed doors
You're drivin me nuts, as a matter of fact
I like to bust one ( ? ) right across your back
And I really gotta tell ya, I never knew
Real pleasure till she took time to be with you"


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