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Mcgruff - Freestyle

I want fast cash, slow dough's a no-no
And livin so-so, flip coco, dippin from po-po
Clippin fo-fo, sippin Alize and Mo-Mo
Ro' glow, incognito, on the low-low
Puff 'dro slow, bulletproof, vest and hat
On my waist, rest my gat, shut your trap
Threat the rap, watch yo, begets get yapped
Harlem World's where I rest my bat
Before the rap was on the map
Nigga, gettin freshin crack
Get them stacked, kept the mack, accept the fact
You see me, protect ya back
Throw you in the dope fiend, watch your neck go crack
Let's go back, when I used to chess, go chat
Give me your dough stack, nigga, plus the fresh go-lack
Let me hold that, me hold that, me hold that, me hold that

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