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Mean Green - Don't Be Mad

feat. Passion

[Chorus: x2]

Don't be mad
Cause yo nigga wanna ride wit me
Pimp in my caddy inside of me
Neva want him mackin to the third degree
Don't be mad
P-I-impim nation wide
Niggaz on ly left got my girls to the right
Betta have my mony or it's on tonight
Don't be mad

I'm that bitch yo nigga
you dream about
Got the title the car with the keys to your house
Cuase I neva let em know
Revenue's rollin in by the minute
Playboy's fightin to be all up in it, spinnin, wishin,
That I could be the hoe but I'm all about pimpin
Bogus with that game I spill
bad azz bitch from tha hood to the real
Numba 1 to the 10 and I thought ya knew
If you wanna roll here's wat ya do
make my money, bring it home
Ask no questions, have no wants
I'm so real


Now dem hoes wanna hate, and that's fine wit me
But rememba one thing, that if he wanted you that's where he'd be
I done look like a fish, from the shit that I spit,
YEA I just can't help it
But you can take him back like a refund,
cause I can't use what I don't want
Like DVD yo body wants me but I don't want what I don't need
I'm the big dog that's runnin things
Bitches wanna be me and niggaz can't hang
Born and raised in the bay
Oakland Cali-forn-I-A


Why you wanna beat me you know you can't see me
Pimpin ain't easy, and game ain't free
I'm a pro hitta, a nigga go getta
I'm down for whateva, but I'm all about my chedda


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