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Mekong Delta - Shades Of Doom

Can't control
My hands and feet
Conditioned to be a human machine
Can't control
My thoughts and needs
Memories erased..........
My brain won't work allright no more
Without this chip inside my head
The things I see I can't define
Responsibility seems strange to me
Fear - I'm a victim of the latest
Shock - Gene technology
Fear - I'm trained to be a robot
Shock - To serve society
Fear - I never ask no questions
Shock - I never cause a doubt
Fear - I don't know what's going on and what it's all about
I gotta know
The reason why
I can't receive no signals anymore
Seems like I'm
left alone
in a dying world..........
I did my job all night and day
Now everything has gone astray
There's emptiness inside my head
I realize I've been long gone dead
Fear - Foreign determination
Shock - And the happiness I've known
Fear - Have faded with the signals

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