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Mekong Delta - Sphere Eclipse

R. Hubert, R. Hubert

Blind by science, stained by blood
You look down to this global cage
filled up with misery and pain
(presented as) a coffin for your punishment
While the religion gives the sense
in praying to an imperfect might
Accepting the mutilated
bodies of little babies
as payment for the luxury of
a so called real and poor church
Somewhere they lost the meaning
twisted it never seeing
there's no justification
for this runaway creation
Nothing is true and nothing is false
while no one can build or destroy
worlds in less than seven days
Nothing is gained and nothing is lost
It's all a game that has no rules
Reality is insepted by
reality so all we see is
created by electron waves
that flow out of a living screen
The truth is portrayted just like a show
where hate rules all the winners take nothing
While a hypocritical humanity

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