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Mekong Delta - The Jester

I'm a member of the motley crew
Pleasing the rich and kings
When I make 'em laugh
Nobody even cares
What's inside my mind
Don't seen to get what I'm looking for
And I can't stand it anymore
Can't you see
Can't you see
I sit and wait till the big boss's calling me
How I wish I could hideaway
You'll see me smile
But I'm hurt inside
How I wish I could break away
I can't stand it anymore
Don't wanna play the fool no more
Gotta break away
Gotta break away
When you gaze at me
It's like a look into a mirror
And here is what you're bound to see
Someone like you
Leading a kind
Of life that's killing me
I'm gonna get what I'm yearning for
Break out and play my part no more
Here is what I say
Here is what I say
Don't drag me down

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