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Mellowhype - CopKiller

feat. Earl Sweatshirt

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
I meditate before I elevate, cough, medicate
Sedate, date which I escalate, heaven gates
No hesitation, Wolf revelation
Gang education, Freddy Jason, what it might seem
We shake and bake the cake, poison frozen icing
Fuck 'em all, ice cream, black magic, white dreams
Blue collar, purple tag label
You holla, don't bother me, you sitting at the fag table
My state is euphoric, and my pride is true courage
I reach for the stars, Fantastic Four it
Wealthy in my future, but I can't afford rich
Presidential suite, sound proof, door glitched
Terrorists landed, bet it gets handed on Christmas
You get caca if you on Santa's shit list
Receive a gun, raise your O.F. hitlist
Tongue lick of death, wish like a frozen big stick, nigga

Follow everywhere I go cause
I'm from Odd Future Wolf Gang, um
Follow everywhere I go cause
I'm from Odd Future Wolf Gang, um
Follow everywhere I go cause
I'm from Odd Future Wolf Gang, they
Follow everywhere we go
We are Odd Future Wolf Gang
Say OFWG, say OFWG
Say OF, say OF
Say OF, Odd Future Wolf Gang, Odd Future Wolf Gang

[Verse 2: Hodgy Beats]
Mind hype, like I'm white, with attention deficit
Blind mice, I'm life, spaz, make the best of it
Retard syndrome, purge and bend some
My crew isn't sailing, I'm a fucking rip some
Bio, sucking lipo from the fat bitches and dope beats
Golden grills, Caddy DeVille, suffocating, choke streets
Sub woof, drug kush, trunk hella steezy
I'm like the sauce between the bread and the fucking cheesy
Squeeze me, squeeze me, like a squeegee
Niggas like to bordercross, half pipe, fijis
Believe me, I'm cool like the motherfucking breezy
Heart cold, dick freezing, never shrivel up
Bars loose, pit drivels up, music riddles us
Like women nipple jugs, full grown werewolf
No yorkie, eat beef, chicken, no porky
In front of the class, eyeglass nerd dorky


[Verse 3: Earl]
Got these faggots shouting revolution, I am Earl, that shit's ruthless
In the booth, there's no spoofing, bitch I spit like I'm toothless
Fool, OF crew, fool y'all fruits and 'em
Lying like fuck truth, dropping shit like pollution
Dirty like a bum's unwiped ass now
I'm transitioning from class clown to cash cow
Indeed, I got steez to pass out
Believe I'm dope, but fucking breathe in crack house
She diseased on her knees, with ass out
Ace got on ski mask, she gon' need knee pads
Supreme 5 panels and green hats
Y'all don't come close like Winehouse and Rehab
Going back, no, the crafty assholes plateau
Got the game in a motherfucking lasso
Ride that ho, cruising in the music with the attitude
Of two kids, make 'em respect my two cents
Could really give two shits, let alone a dollar
My flows flows make bros go whoa, your mother says holler
Wack niggas say nada, OF the best, no synonym
Still my pockets slim like the Olsen twins, it's on
Off I piss 'em and dismissing 'em quick and my sentences
Stay Oliver Twisting like Charles Dickens death
Wishing competition, but listen, the plot thickens
I'm a stand up nigga, well fuck it, I'm not sitting


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