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Memphis Bleek - Lord Knows

Yeah Greazzy get low man
Brooklyn what's up
Nigga just touched down
Was out there in other lands blowing heavy
You know just focusing
And I know niggas ain't ready man
Greazzy I tell 'em

My new bitches wanna such a nigga dry
Pussy ass niggas acting like they wanna ride
And saying ain't a problem telling that's making one
Say the truth hurts what about the naked one
Bat bitches always try to get mad when you scoop 'em in the cooper
And shoot back home in the cab bitch
I'm about my brag I'm all about my brag
You let her get ahead and I just let her get some head
And I let her shop in...
Lettuce in the bitch to bring my nigga up some loonies
My shorty love them booties just to keep her feet out
Police trailing the nigga I still don't put the weed out
I'm diving in lobster and shrimp on that Porsche shit
Two seater two eater blink in that Porsche shit
Twin turbo 911 buck fifty 911 they say I need Jesus
So somebody find me a reverend
Tell him pray for a nigga
Them birds just flew in let 'em lay for a nigga
Bitches love them far sway my nigga
They fuck all night and wanna stay my nigga
Real nigga shit no we ain't on that
In the morning shorty you can meet me with my door mat
And I'm a holler back whore
Be my piece of candy my now and later whore

And plus she's so sweet
She comes scoop me on the weekend in the Jeep
They hit me one the Hennessey color the one the man bought her
She freaky she want me the camcorder
She said that I'm the best she ever had
She wanna have my kid and tell the dick that he's the dad
He wifed her and he lifed her and I flipped her our night yo

So pick a nigga ho move like I do
Travel world picking up whores fucking and bribe them to
We the new we the crew we the now and to
Niggas say that they on top they got a hotel view or they high
And big hommie told me go in
We was in the club and we had to lick the flow in
I went to the stew and you know I like to flow in
And some bitches came through and you know that ass swollen
I just took a brake cause I had to get it on
Get it all out than I'm back all in
Heard about her moves so you know I put some dough in
Heard about another move that we can put some work in
Yeah and I'm just spitting on how we go down
My young freak she just let her go down
When I on that bell pop she just tell me slow down
When I'm playing brand new just don't drool on the shoes

Yeah shorty don't drool on me
This cost you about five hundred
They ain't even out yet
Shout my real niggas getting that money you heard
We out here man
Pick up my niggas in Vegas
Fresh C Marlin G what up
B I you are ready
Chris gang nigga

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