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Memphis Bleek - Need Me In Your Life

[Bleek talking]
Yo..whats ur problem shorty
Actin all stink..its cool tho
One yourself ma...(bitch says somehtin)

[Chorus (Nate Dogg)]
Why u mad and actin uptight
Girl i kno that somethin aint right
Aint no need for me to lie
I think that you need dick in ya life
Why u mad and actin uptight
Girl i kno that somethin aint right
Aint no need for me to lie
I think that you need dick in ya life

[Memphis Bleek]
Ayo bleek move thru clubs twist up somethin yeah
A lil hay(hay); memph not frontin
Then i sip a lil armay where are my momays
Spread love thats how we do it in marcy
One of em actin a lil different
What isnt she missin, what isnt she gettin huh
She need a nigga that break it any position
If she take it liek a pro oohhh
Let her go noooo
You might be somethin to work wit
Trust im not concerned wit him
Im not your boyfriend
Shit im just that nigga you call
That'll dig up in the roots ma break u off
And, i cant lie im just a nigga from the syy
But i, been around a few whores before
Either me or my boys tore it up before
But im hopin you not that type
Ill put it in your life ma


[Memphis Bleek]
Some say off the liquor you could fuck all night
But i say that aint true you just be drunk all night
Its me when im sober i can fuck all night
Baby girl if we sippin we just drunk all night
Its cool, first you gotta loose ur attitude
Invite your girls over let em meet my man murder
We smoke, talk, get aquainted
Its get low so you know you gotta sing this
Whatever happened tonight
Trust it got to stay between us
It never happned tonight so when they ask you
Say you never seen us (bitch)
Then me and murder get ghost in the convertable
We just came from fat burger we full
Thats how we do it in LA from marcy to crenshaw
The girls all balls huhhh


[Nate Dogg]
When your additude is gone
You can hit me on my phone
And maybe ill come get you
Get up and take you home
Girl dont take too long
Just liek a dog i like to rome
So when you need some dick
Hit me on the hip and ill do you that favor

[Memphis Bleek]
Listen, anytime you need me just holla
Ill only hit it if its tight and its propa
The snatch ups no problem
Both of that head drop fitted caps
Now a days they gotta
You get it snatched you neva get it back
Somethin just aint right you must aint kill it right
But, go ahead love just enjoy your night
Get your man off your mind
You need me in your life thats right


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