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Menace Clan - Cold World

Even though I live in Cali, nigga, it's cold out here
When I step out the house, it's like steppin in a freezer
Either he wants to get me or she wants to stick me
I swear, I don't know how the fuck I made it past 20
I can spit some cold shit, always keep heat, so I'm safe
From gettin frost-bit, hit a corner and a corner after I bust
So I can toss it, I think everybody's lost it
And I'm the only nigga left sane maintainin, nigga

Nigga, it's cold outside, so I always carry my heat
An enemy hood on feet, groovin through the alleys and backstreets
Creepin on the east side, hopin I don't get spotted
The world is cold so I stay hot like a glock after I just shot it
But when I say it's cold outside, fuck you jacker
The Tec-9 is my heat and you know I always pack it

Nigga, my brain ain't strainin long as I'm aimin back
It's a motherfucking fact, this is a cold world
So fuck the whole world, cos I don't owe this world nothing
A bankroll's the only thing I'm cuttin fo'
So I can hold something, I gives a fuck about nothing
But fucking and popping, what, you don't hear me or something?

I say these niggaz is cold outside so I always carry my heat
It's a cold world, so fuck the whole world

Supply your own heat

No matter the weather
A Menace is something that comes off the barrel of a Beretta
I make your t-shirt wet, your sweater wetter
Cos in the South Central it's freezin, little locs and OG's and
Police and crack fiends fiendin, thievin, I believe in
T-shirt, Levi's, St. Ives, [?] and Chucks
Snatchin crackers out their trucks, now, that's some cold shit
Niggaz shootin at the police, that's some bold shit
Watch where you goin, what you wearin, who you stroll with

Supply your own heat, cos it's cold in the street
And a nigga without it shoulda have thought about it
Or bein 6 feet, got to be as scandalous as Los Angeles
Get you something so you can handle this, the Menace way
Gun play and funerals dates is all I'm concerned with
You won't catch me in LA without my shit because I know

Here come the police yellin "Freeze"
Cos I'm groovin with my G's
The hood is gettin hot, now the homies is chillin
On the west side of LA, you know who's doin all the killin
I send shouts to South Central, Compton, Watts and fuck the cops
I shot six, I dare for one of you busters hit me up
It's some cold niggaz in LA, but I ain't never been burned
I learned


Watch who you fuckin with and who you talk shit to
Because a nigga will dump and give two fucks about you
Heat, a nigga need it where I'm from
Fuck words when a nigga got a gun and his ass ain't playin
Sprayin and you stuck behind the truck without no get-back
Fuck that, I keep a strap, don't worry about where it's at
I got a nigga before he got me with my Mac-10
Before the bullets all gone I loads my shit up again
Can't take no ass-whippin, I'm a sore loser
Anybody manoeuvre on the streets, break out the white sheets
Turn up the heater with my 9 millimeter, PD-roll a nigga
That I hold a nigga, little locs are colder niggaz than the older niggaz
It never snows, just six-fo's, afros, ho's, niggaz with Jherri curls
It's a cold world, supply your own heat
I sell your ass some fake, fuck you ain't the first to get beat
I'm tellin you

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