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Mental Crypt - Genocide

Violated population
Suffer in a splintered nation
Mass production of destruction
Slaughter in a weird seduction

Inflammatory civil war
State of crisis to the core
Perforated victims cry
In pools of blood they?re left to die

Death rain from the sky
In this bolting hell
A city under siege
Maimed by mortar shell

Life denied

Deadlock in negotiation
Conflict forced beyond frustration
Ethnic purge, annihilation
Massacre in brute aggression

Ammunition - piercing bullets ripping flesh
Opposition - legacy of hate repressed

Consummation of prediction
Bleeding wounds of war addiction
For territorial dominion
Destination Armageddon

Menacing aggressor roused
Unleash another holocaust
Gory in eternal war
Forgotten words of nevermore

Death rain from the sky

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