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Mental Crypt - Ground Zero

Test site experiment
Sanctioned by the government
Exposed guinea pigs
No trenches, no time to dig

Science magic, turning tragic
The hypocrisy of the men in charge
Their power greed has driven them this far

Rampant critical mass
Soldiers reduced to ash
Fatal megaton blast
Your future lies in the past

Vomit innards, burns like tinder
The shockwave blows your pressured mind insane
In radiation sickness hell remains

Blind heroes sacrificed
Ground zero nuclearized

Criminals in disguise
The chain reaction strikes

High brains struck by core meltdown goes mentally insane
In atomic glare their pawns lies fatal impact slain
Murder of the first degree
Allies are your enemy

The generals are standing proud
Saluting the mushroom cloud
Laughter of the mad
They?ve stolen the one life you had

Sly betrayer, there?s no saviour
Contaminated fallout takes your breath
So close your blinded eyes and pray for death

Blind heroes sacrificed
Ground zero nuclearized

Look to the crimson sky

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