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Mephistopheles - Across Oceans Of Time

Shadows of the netherworld
Bearer of the coming age
Masters of all entity
The universal rage
Grand scale of unknown dimensions
Serpent's deathkiss no redemption
Guardian of the ancient urn
Where fragments of the time and space will burn

Wall of fire lord of storms
Echoes whisper in pain
Impaled by age's thorns

Ruler of the endless spheres
Take us across these oceans
Where new worlds will appear
They came from beyond
As legends once told
And travelled in time
Aeon's to behold

Drifting towards the vortex of ferocity
Birth of a new breed mental atrocity - arocity
Abscence of mercy mind
Days of final judgment when all eyes of men
Turned blind

Pagan curse the secret bequest
Harsh indoctrination
Inquisition false religion
Scorned intoxication

Immortal thoughts martyrdom
The cry of desolation

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