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Mephistopheles - Northern Eternity

To capture the essence of astral fire
Forlorn on these desolate plains
The symphony of roaring forests
All old spirits call out my name
The purity of nightsky enchantment
Dark crystal waters majestic grand lands

At dawn when fog appeared
Mankind's greatest fear
The coming of a new age darkstar's endless torment
Human existence was soon to end

The chains of northern steel
A universal seal
The greatest cosmic power
One key for the eternal tower
Far north the epic crimson sky
Towards the firmament
A thousand souls will fly

The seer of visions saw the end of the world
And four apocalyptic riders
To haunt all the cowards to break their weak bodies
No one will be left beside us
And the stars guide us on our ride
Aeons elapsed - an everlasting flight

The northern law - the one to obey
To be your own master - a warrior's way
No truth in religious beliefs - no glory at all
I am the one god's heaven will fall

The chains of northern steel

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