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Mercedes - You're The Only One

feat. A-Lexus

[verse one: A-Lexxus singing]
see it all happened bout a year ago
we made a promise not to let it go
but now that i got this far
i couldn't help but let it go
i know you know of things in the past
that i felt for you
never let you know whats going on
cause i never really let you hold me this way
but now i'm coming to you honestly
so baby ohhhh

[hook: performed by mercedes]
boy you are the oly one
you are the only one for me
finest thing i've ever seen
stay with me

[verse 2: mercedes]
now that you now i have a thing for you
i was wondering if you feel the same way that i do
the feelings that i hold within my heart
lets stay friends forever
and i hope you never part
i hop you know what i feel for you
to spill my heart was what i had to do
keep it true and show me how you make me feel

[chorus: this time performed by a-lexus]


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