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Mercenary - Demon8

In The Year 2069
Man Discovered A New Planet
Located Behind Jupiter
Asuming That The Dark Planet
Had Inhabitants
We Launched Probes With Full Mobilzation
Digital Images Of The Dark Surface Were Sent Back To Nasa
The Next Step Were To Deploy Cosmonauts On Demon8
But We Always Seem To Loose Contact With Our Men
At 3:21 Pm
At First We Hoped That The Alien Lifeform
Were Harmless
We Were Mistaken

Launch The Satelite
At The New Regime
Spotted Parasites
Must By Quarantined

In Safety Precaution
Take Over One By One
Acknowledge My Decision
Uphold The Mission

If I'm Wrong
I Don't Wanna Be Right
We're Strong
We Cannot Loose The Fight

Hold Your Weapons High
When You're Walking Through A Storm
Hold Your Head Up High
The Wind Is Blowing Somewhere Along

So Advanced So Unique
Ready Aim Fire
Prepare Clean Sweep

None Of Us Survives
Summon Us To Kill
Estimated Lives
Hiding In The Hill
The Enemy Is Loose
Tell Us What To Do

Somewhere Along

Down Graded Work Of God

Abort The Mission
I Repeat Abort The Mission
Operation Clean Sweep Failed
We Were Ambushed From Jupiter
Estimated Human Casualties Approx. 2000

Some Of Us Survived
None Of Us Were Killed
On With Our Lives
Living With The Guilt

They Could Take Us Down
Like A Fly On The Wall
Colliding On Their Ground

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