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Mercenary - Premature Burial

Premature Burial
Premature Burial

I'd Rather Be Dying
Ten Times A Day
Than Going Through
This Bloody Misery

The Eternal Flame
In The Garden Of The Gods
I Now See Before Me
Never Breathe, Never Scream
Never See Again
Cannot Someone Hear Me?
I Can't Believe I'm Six Feet Under
Still Alive And Well...Well I Wonder
Hear My Heartbeat Decreasing In Time
Apart From That I'm Doing Fine...Fine!!!

Dragged Away In A Casket I Am
A Nightmare Worse Than Vietnam
I Now Lie In My Domicile
Another Name Erased From The File

Screaming My Lungs To Blood
Dreaming Away To Far Out Places
Revenge Is Certain
In My Forthcoming Life
Compulsion Is My Motive Power
Never Breathe, Never Scream
Never See Again

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