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Mercenary - Supremacy

If You Could See
Into The Future
How Dark It Could Be
I Would Sure Consider You Supreme To Me

Questions Regarding
What We Can Create
Is Still To Be Humane
So Far
Answers Are What
We Start To Simulate
The Creation Of World War

You Don't Learn To Live
Life To The Extreme
Until You Stand Before Death So Now You Can Create
Your Own Scene
Simulating Your Last Breath

Raise The Flag For Me
Raise It Real High
Supreme Beast
Raise The Flag For Me
Raise It High In Real

Then Burn The Flag Down

In 1998 We Can Simulate
What We Can Not Create
Hide Behind The Mask
With 3 Dimensions
To Choose Your Fate

I Cannot Believe This
This Interactive Lifeform
You Forgot To See It
Because You Had Your Mask On
So We Have To Find A New Way

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