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Merciless - Darkened Clouds

Brutal Way Of Life, That's What I Want
Dirty Whore, Your Life I Will Hunt
She's The Second One, Soon I Must Wake Up
This Need To Kill, Will It Ever Stop

Tonight Work Is Done, Her Eyes Are Wide Open
Nothing Can Bring Her Back, 'Cause Her Neck Is Broken
What Is Happening To Me, Don't Know What To Believe
Is It A Vicious Circle, Or Am I Lost In A Dream

Chase The Darkened Clouds, Face The Human Slaughter
The Land Is Covered With Blood, People Drink It Like Water

Can't You See I'm Not Like The Rest
I Live In A World Of Emptiness
To Me There Is One Real Thing
It Is To Live In Eternal Sin

There Will Be Nothing Left
So Open Up And Let Me In
The Human Race Is Useless
Staring At The Gates Of Sin ... Darkened Clouds

The Goodness In My Heart Is Gone, They Say I Am Satan's Son

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