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Merciless - Lifeflame

Crystal Eyes Drowned In Hate
Forget The Past A Heathens Fate
On The Floor A Naked Whore
She's Been Waiting Her Body Is Cold

Skin Is White, Eyes So Black
Always Hungry
She's Been Waiting So Long
Now She's Angry
Fullmoon, Tonights The Night
Master Has Come
Demon Love Beautiful Pain
Reality Is Gone

Just Listen To My Voice
You Have Your Own Choice
For Those Who Live By Crime
You Must Pay The Price

Darkness Shall Always Be
Forever Is Pain
Hide In The Light
Or In Christ's Domain

Do You Really Know What She Wants
Maybe She Needs Sexual Pain
Dominate Make Up Your Mind
Forever Trapped In Humanity's Game

Skin Is White ... (See Above)

Suffering Since Birth
Lifeflame Burns Fast
When Lifecircle Has Broken
Life Ends At Last


Skin Is White ... (See Above)

Not Far From Death
Everyhing Feels So Strange

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