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Meredith Brooks - Birthday

When's your birthday?
What's your middle name?
Who's youre hero?
What's your favourite flavour ice-cream?
Can you tell me, tell me this

Are you Aries?
Are you on the cusp of cancer?
Gonna get to know you better
What? No it's not a quiz

You can trust me now, we'll dig a little deeper
Let's trade numbers let's trade beepers
So I can find you any place
Hey, why are you looking at your watch?
We haven't had desert
It's early just 8:30, only our first date

I wanna know do you love me yet?
Do you feel the same? are you everything?
I wanna know isn't true love great?
Come'on tell me, when's your birthday?

Where ya going
Why ya leavin'?
After all whe've been through
Cant't you think of me, i'll think of you
Don't throw it all away
I'll quit my job I'll have you're children
You'll work hard I'll spend your millions
Hey no pressure you've got time
Just don't make me wait

I wanna know
Do you believe in fate?
When you're moving in, be my everything
I wanna know we are for always
Come'on tell me, when's your birthday?
When's your birthday?

And it isn't just a ???? high
I never felt this way about any other guy before

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