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Meressin - God Is Blind

Blind children, they can't see the light
They were born in the night
Somewhere is death, there's home there full of joy
Brain is spurted out interrupted words, pricked eyes
Burned wings, burned hearts
Only smoke will write in heaven words

God is blind
God is blind

Live corpses, are shiver with cold
They're died of starvation
A suicide in the loop-somebody see all, but spit upon him
Killed baby-mother is screaming
And father's quietly standing
Soils on the coffin are writing the words

God is blind
God is blind

All towns're died of starvation, died of starvation
Goggled eyes are watching to the axe of fate
Which is brandish
They lost their foots and freezing in the ice
They want to move
Shaving heads, dazed eyes are looking ti idol

Glasses strew on the asphalt
They're writing the words-god is blind

They're innocent-they where born during a war
They were killed duting a peace
They're innocent-they were burned on the fite

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